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  1. baseballturtle48

    A western, maybe Tuscan?

    I bought the tortoise from @brugaugler on 6/30/2015 as a Tuscany W. Hermanns from Chris Leone stock. It was NOT a baby, he was a juvie already obviously male, which was why I bought him. At this point, he is what he is and there's nothing I can do about it. Will has been trying to figure out...
  2. baseballturtle48

    A western, maybe Tuscan?

    I bought him as a juvie male Tuscany locale, not a baby. He's now an adult and Will has him. I think Will noticed some characteristics that didn't quite fit with the Tuscan locale and asked Chris for some expert opinion. It's been very interesting, if not a little disappointing, to follow the...
  3. baseballturtle48

    Huge accomplishment!

    Congrats on such an exciting accomplishment!
  4. baseballturtle48

    Little Spider Just Woke Up

    Did she come out on her own? I'm trying to leave mine alone this year instead of bothering them.
  5. baseballturtle48

    Update on Breeding Project

    That's wonderful, Anthony! You're doing good things with your spengs.:tort:
  6. baseballturtle48

    Update on Breeding Project

    He's making impressive progress, Ant. Love that new pic and all the details it reveals.
  7. baseballturtle48

    Update on Breeding Project

    Good video of the new little guy! He really is beautiful! :):<3:
  8. baseballturtle48

    Update on Breeding Project

    Great news, Anthony! Congratulations on this latest hatchling and looking forward to the next ones. :<3:
  9. baseballturtle48

    Dream Come True...

    Hello little one! So adorable.
  10. baseballturtle48

    Dream Come True...

    Wonderful accomplishment, Anthony! I like using the small Waterland Tub for small torts, too. It's pretty versatile. The pics all show up fine for me, and I'm looking at them on a Kindle Fire HDX.
  11. baseballturtle48

    Cool Turtle

    Definitely a cool turtle. What kind of worm is it? Silkworm?
  12. baseballturtle48

    Update on Breeding Project

    They didn't waste any time getting down to business, even if you did edit to make it shorter. :D
  13. baseballturtle48

    Do I have a Desert or Sulcata Tortoise

    Such a beautiful DT. I grew up in CA and had a few DTs during the 1960s & 1970s. They are so personable and intelligent, just magnificent creatures. :<3:
  14. baseballturtle48

    Platynota Loves Flowers

    Impressive little guy! :<3:
  15. baseballturtle48

    The first of Timmy's eggs hatched tonight!

    She's a beautiful little baby! :<3:
  16. baseballturtle48

    Spider Tortoise Update - Spring 2014

    Thanks for fixing it, Anthony. Your pyxis are beautiful. Mine are growing so slowly--I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Too slow growth in any species isn't a problem I've ever had. I'm in the process of moving, so all my turtle and tortoise habitats will undergo a makeover. Maybe I...
  17. baseballturtle48

    Spider Tortoise Update - Spring 2014

    Says it's private and won't let me watch
  18. baseballturtle48

    Plani and Brygooi

    Gorgeous! ! Like everyone else, planicauda is on my list... after I win the lottery. lol I'm trying to move towards breeding groups of fewer species, like Anthony. I currently keep 18 species, which is too many! It's hard to part with turtles I've raised from hatchlings, though.
  19. baseballturtle48

    New for 2013,

  20. baseballturtle48

    P. planicauda male combat

    Great video of such an awesome species!