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  1. Randy Micheals

    Variegated Moor Grass?

    The grass
  2. Randy Micheals

    Variegated Moor Grass?

    Hi does anyone have experience with Variegated moor grass? To me it looks a lot like sedge but I'm not going to include it in the enclosure until sure. TIA
  3. Randy Micheals

    Vet checkup after illness?

    Always great to hear a story like this!
  4. Randy Micheals

    Substrate retaining moisture

    Many local plant and garden shops will have it, this may be a tad more expensive but you can pick the fineness a bit better. You can order ZooMed Labs Reptibark from Amazon fairly cheaply and it's middle of the road, good for adult tortoises.
  5. Randy Micheals

    Can I use regular mulch?

    Fine grade orchid bark is my pick, it's fairly inexpensive and less messy/dusty than the coir or cypress I've tried. Can buy in larger bags from amazon.
  6. Randy Micheals


    Helps with hydration. I have yet to see my tortoise actually voluntarily drink in the years I have owned him, as the previous owner only offered lettuce and no water, so daily soaks are a must for us. Also, I soak him in the morning which helps him get up to active temp and stimulates his appetite.
  7. Randy Micheals

    Substrate retaining moisture

    Wow that sounds like a lot of work. Peat holds moisture fairly well, could be it is retaining too much moisture between humidifying? Have you considered fine grade orchid bark? I switched to this and find it worked well for me.
  8. Randy Micheals

    Anorexic tortoise

    Agree with the soaks, can try using carrot baby food in the water, and this may help her soak up some needed nutrients.
  9. Randy Micheals

    Help identify some weeds and food help!

    Also I use an app called "plantsnap" free, but be aware it will sometimes misidentify so cross reference and be 100 percent sure
  10. Randy Micheals

    Can weather affect my tortoises behaviour?

    My Greek did this for about a week, going into winter about a year ago. Daily warm soaks of about 98 degrees seemed to help.
  11. Randy Micheals

    28 Sick Tortoises please help, Bumps under Neck

    My heart goes out to you, and I feel your pain on this one, as my experience with non herp vets has been poor. Regular vets often lack the specialized knowledge of care required to diagnose and treat tortoise species, as their training is "mammal centric" and reptiles are (here in Canada at...
  12. Randy Micheals

    Happy and going into winter time

    We have really enjoyed how green it was this year and all the bountiful things we could add to the tort diet. Things will get a little trickier in the winter but we just got a big Oputina cactus to help with some variety. Hope yall are well.
  13. Randy Micheals

    A case for changing enclosure decor up often, a study into spatial learning and memory of the tortoise brain.

    In case you wondered if your tortoise gets bored of the same old setup, you might be right. Changing up decor and feeding locations will help enhance natural habits and conditions and keep your tortoise exploring and grazing. "The tortoise learned to perform reliably above chance...
  14. Randy Micheals

    Is my tortoise sick?

    What's gives you the impression the tort is sick?
  15. Randy Micheals

    First time tortoise owner

    Good stuff!
  16. Randy Micheals

    8 leaf clover!

    8 leaf clover - This is an 8 leaf clover I found. Is it twice as rare as a 4 leaf? Dunno. But I promptly fed it to a dinosaur!
  17. Randy Micheals

    Good spritz bottle?

    Thanks for the tips I'll check em out!
  18. Randy Micheals

    Meet our 1 year old Sulcata , Shelldon.

    Hes a beauty. Welcome to you both.
  19. Randy Micheals

    Good spritz bottle?

    I use spritz bottles for dust control, but after a week the spring is toast. I've tried a few different ones, anyone have a suggestion for a good quality spritz bottle that will last? Thanks!