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  1. Trevor Ostrander

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    Mark thank you for your response. I never thought this thread would have gotten so interesting. I have alway tried to steer away from incandescent, mercury vapor bulbs, halogen etc. Before I switched to the deep heat emitter I was using radiant heat panels or ceramic heat emitters. I was...
  2. Trevor Ostrander

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    Agreed the bright light in the wild would be a good indicator of also where the heat is. That is why I place the Arcadia deep Heat projector near a bright light source. Also that (12% uvb bulb) gives them uvb. I too have noticed if I place a brighter basking light in the enclosure they will go...
  3. Trevor Ostrander

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    I’m using then 50w. I adjusted it so the basking area is at 95 degrees. I don’t know the height. I just adjust for temp.
  4. Trevor Ostrander

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    No I think your fine with that also. From what I've read it will heat the objects around it and the objects will radiate infrared C I believe (don't quote me) which will warm the air around the enclosure. So one of the positives is it can be used at night to provide heat without disturbing the...
  5. Trevor Ostrander

    uploading pictures in the marketplace

    Anyone know why I can upload photos in the forum but now when I am trying to sell something in the marketplace? the tab at the bottom of the text box is missing the "upload a file" tab when I'm in the market place?
  6. Trevor Ostrander

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    I have recently purchased the Arcadia deep heat projector bulbs. They produce no light and are said to produce a broad infrared spectrum that other bulbs can't do and mimics the sun. Has anyone else used these as a heat source? IF so what are your experiences with them? My hatchings seem to...
  7. Trevor Ostrander

    Ibera Greek hatchlings

    I have some very nice looking Ibera Greek hatchlings available. They are strong and eating well on mazuri, various weeds, leaves and flowers. Soaked daily and have free access to water. Please email for pics and shipping cost. They are $125 each.
  8. Trevor Ostrander

    Russian Hatchings

    I currently have 5 russian hatchings from this year. They are very active and great eaters. Eating Mazuri, various weeds, leaves, and flowers. They are soaked daily and have access to water 24/7. They are growing well $150 each plus fedex overnight shipping. Please email me for shipping quote...
  9. Trevor Ostrander

    Looking to get Hermann's tortoise

    Please email me at [email protected] My website is
  10. Trevor Ostrander

    Looking to get Hermann's tortoise

    I am in upstate ny. I have a friend driving home to Hartford ct this weekend. I also ship. I have 2 eastern and two Dalmatian Hermann’s. Eastern $150 each. Dalmatian 175 Trevor
  11. Trevor Ostrander

    Western Hermann's Hatchling

    I currently have one Western Hermann's hatchling available. She is Tuscan locale and is about 2 months old. She is feeding well and very active. I have parents on site and can provide pictures of her and parents. Please pm me for any further info. $450 including shipping.
  12. Trevor Ostrander

    T.g. Ibera hatchlings

    I have Ibera hatchlings ranging from 3 months to hatching out today! They are all from my own animals. They are doing great currently inside but will be going outside as soon as our weather warms and 14" of snow melts! These are thriving and eating everything insight. Currently feeding greens...
  13. Trevor Ostrander


    Here is a photo of one of her tortoises. This pic is NOT MINE. (credit goes to the seller on fauna) it was from faunaclassifieds this tortoise sold a month back and i missed it. But the history on it was this lady from California breeds them and sells them to animal kingdom in san diego ca. If...
  14. Trevor Ostrander


    So I don't know where to post this but I'll do it here. If anyone can help please let me know. There is a lady in California I think San Diego area. She breeds a very neat/unique looking Greek tortoise. She'll take them to a pet store called pet kingdom. Not a lot of information. But if that...
  15. Trevor Ostrander

    Western Hermann's

    I have some western Hermann's hatchlings. Some have extra scutes asking $250. Have some perfect scutes asking $375. These come from studbook registered parents and are Tuscan Locale. Please email me for pics. Can ship all next week since weather will be in the 50s. Nice change for us here in...
  16. Trevor Ostrander

    T.g. Marokkensis

    Also new additions for me
  17. Trevor Ostrander

    New hatchlings

    Just wanted to share my new hatchlings t.g. Ibera
  18. Trevor Ostrander

    Male marginated

    I have a large male marginated approx 15 years old. He lives outside all summer and inside during the winters. Very healthy and eats weeds, mazuri, and edible leaves and flowers. Ie rose of Sharon, grape leaves etc. Asking $200 plus shipping. I can't upload pics please pm for pics.
  19. Trevor Ostrander

    Can any one please ID

    This plant is growing everywhere along the road in central New York
  20. Trevor Ostrander

    My first ibera hatch!!

    Just wanted to share pic of my first ever hatch from my ibera group.