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  1. kathyth

    Moral/Ethical Business Dilemma

    Something similar to this happened to me. I purchased a Redfoots hatchling from a good Breeder, that we all know. The hatchling was maintained in an appropriate closed chamber, with a healthy diet and daily soaks. I didn’t consider asking for a refund. How would it be the breeders fault. I...
  2. kathyth

    Cypress mulch toxic?

    I’ve used cypress mulch for years. No negative issues. I’ve never heard of any.
  3. kathyth

    Redfoot care sheet via Northeast North America

    This is great, Chris!!! Thanks for sharing this info. Looking forward to pictures.
  4. kathyth

    How are our Redfoots looking? Pics inside!

    They look great!! Nice job!
  5. kathyth

    Dog Food for RF’s?

    What I’ve read and heard, is that there is too much fat in dog food. I got a good amount of info from ( Terry). You can read his Red Foot care sheet. It’s loaded with info.
  6. kathyth

    So Cal Sleepy Shellies

    Hello my friend I’ve waken mine up and allowed them to wake themselves. When I’ve intervened, I made sure the daytime temps were expected to be in the upper 70’s, for a week. This would allow them to really warm up, eat, drink, etc. After that week, they can do what they need to do. If there...
  7. kathyth

    Dog Food for RF’s?

    Below is the cat food that I rehydrate and the calcium power I sprinkle on it. I’ve only heard negatives about dog food.
  8. kathyth

    Hello from Pearly and her torts[emoji217][emoji217]❣️

    Hope you’re well! Your Tortoises look fabulous!
  9. kathyth

    Here we go! Beginning in SoCal... o(#)

    Thank you, Tom! Redfoots are definitely more work than many of the other species.
  10. kathyth

    Here we go! Beginning in SoCal... o(#)

    That’s great! I really enjoy my Redfoots. Glad that you’re giving it plenty of thought and planning! Keep us informed.
  11. kathyth

    new red foot not eating much

    Is she being kept in a nice warm and humid environment? Good luck! Hopefully she will get better.
  12. kathyth

    Riverside CA area- Show me you can care for a DT-Must find him a home.

    I respectfully agree that these enclosures are not large enough and not appropriate for a CDT. I’m positive that CTTC would not permit a CDT to this environment. I say this, as my friend Lynda, does the permitting for fish and game. Again, I am not trying to be mean or critical. Proper...
  13. kathyth

    My baby keeps flipping over, and can’t get up!

    Can we see a picture of the enclosure. I agree with Barbara.
  14. kathyth

    Jacques, the Eastern Mud Turtle

    I’m so happy she’s dancing her way to a complete recovery. ❤️❤️
  15. kathyth

    Our visit to a reptile specialist

    This good news just made my day! I’m so happy Jacques is doing so much better and that her labs have returned to normal. I wish we could celebrate.
  16. kathyth

    spring is in the air!

    Hi Heather, Levi looks great! He’s getting big and sounds like he has an attitude. Your business sounds like tons of fun! ❤️
  17. kathyth

    Jacques, the Eastern Mud Turtle

    I’m sorry to hear that her white count remains high and she’s not eating. I sure hope they’re able to figure this out. Sounds like she’s getting excellent care. Keeping you both in my thoughts. ❤️❤️
  18. kathyth

    Help Sexing 2 Redfoots Please

    My guess is the upper is a male and the lower is female. Your thoughts?
  19. kathyth


    That’s a heartbreaking story! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It could happen to anyone. Rechecking our yard.
  20. kathyth

    Looking for Female, Adult Redfoot.

    Just some food for thought. You might consider getting two or three females, as your male with constantly hound the female. A couple extra reduces the female stress/ workload. Good luck!