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    2 year old Sulcata diet

    Hello everyone, I have a two year old sulcata and wanted to see what everyone suggests for diet at this age? Also thoughts about calcium supplements or anything like that? thanks in advance!!
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    Swollen Baby Sulcata Tortoise

    Both the tortoises love in the enclosure and one is thriving and the other is not. I have learned a lot on the last few days doing research and we will definitely be making some changes to diet but the larger Sulcata has never acted aggressively or bullied the smaller one. Took the little guy to...
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    Swollen Baby Sulcata Tortoise

    Hello, I am the mother of two beautiful baby Sulcata toirtoises, Marco and Polo. My boyfriend and I have had them for a year now and we quickly noticed that Polo was growing much bigger than Marco. We took them to the vet, concerned about the size difference, and we were shown that Marco has a...