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  1. Whitehouse99

    Tortoises will be sold here or elsewhere

    I am not offended by the rules you guys have in place here, they are simple to follow. I just knew that there wasn’t going to be any better place for them than the care of an individual in this group. I apologize if I came off as ignorant It was not my intention. I would love to keep the torts...
  2. Whitehouse99

    Tortoises will be sold here or elsewhere

    I figured it would be best for them to go to someone here that knew how to care for them rather then me selling them to someone on Craigslist that will toss the 4 of them in a 40 gallon tank. But I see my for sale post was not approved, you guys are not hurting me you are just prevent the...
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  11. Whitehouse99

    Keeping the Humidity Up

    It is a 4’x4’ polycarbonate panel and I also have a 4’x4’ screen underneath that for the heat lamps and UV strip to rest on. The polycarbonate does a good job of locking in the heat, they stay at about 80-85°F during the day, as low as 70°at night when their lights are shut off, (my home rarely...
  12. Whitehouse99

    Keeping the Humidity Up

    This is my tort house to give you an idea