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  1. yillt

    Tortoise on TV!!

    Thanks everyone. That's a great help. I will definitely mention tortoise forum and as soon as I find out when it airs, I will tell you. Everything I've learnt has been on this forum so I will certainly give some credit for that. Thanks everyone!
  2. yillt

    Temps on a outdoor enclosure

    He won't need a basking lamp. But I would suggest a cold frame or something similar that retains the heat for him to go in. Will he be indoors at night?
  3. yillt

    Tortoise on TV!!

    About a year ago, my tortoise developed symptoms of an RI. I promptly took him to the vet where they said that they were very impressed with my knowledge on tortoises after I explained to them what species he was and how big they grow, the hibernation process and the symptoms of a Respirator...
  4. yillt

    Dirty Water Dish

    Wow. You have a lovely enclosure. I just use rocks around the dish or orchid bark. It does get frustrating but usually I don't clean the water every day anyway as I have three water dishes in Billy's enclosure and he drinks rarely anyway. He doesn't seem to mind a bit of dirt in there but If I...
  5. yillt


    Awww so close. It looks a bit like the bedding is raised in that corner. Perhaps you could flatten it out and/or cap the corner as @ZEROPILOT said.
  6. yillt


    Hi to you and Dave! He looks a good size for four years old. His shell isn't bad at all but with the correct housing, humidity and future smooth (no pyramiding) growth, it should correct itself although I don't see much wrong with it. Could we please see a picture of your enclosure and you will...
  7. yillt

    Concern for pyramyding

    Hi Nicholas. Your torts shell has started pyramiding but not badly. As said above, bathe him and provide a humid enclosure and a damp hide with Spagham moss. Creating a COMPLETELY smooth shell is really hard so don't worry to much about previous pyramiding just correct the enclosure for the future.
  8. yillt

    some recent additions

    Wow. Such lovely shells.
  9. yillt

    My tortoise!

    Awww. He's sweet.
  10. yillt

    Tortoise shedding??

    It is dry skin. You can rub some organic extra Virginia coconut oil on it. Is it to hot? Or dry? Do you know what may be causing the dry skin?
  11. yillt

    Lazy Tortoise; but very healthy....

    Tortoises are cold blooded, they bask. That's it. Lazy is in their nature. If you're really concerned, check the temps as they may be to cold which can cause lethargic and lazy behaviour. But if he is eating and moving a little, he's not I'll, just a typical tortoise.
  12. yillt

    Hello from sunny Mount Dora

    Wow. That's a lot. Welcome to TFO
  13. yillt

    What are you reading??

    Currently reading '1984' by George Orwell. It's a really good book but calls for some heavy reading at times. It was a complete coincidence that I read on the news this morning that it is the most bought book since Trump being elected. I had no idea!
  14. yillt

    Is it spring yet???

    Not yet little one. :D
  15. yillt

    Billy's new enclosure...

    Thanks you. I have done it to half the enclosure. Just have half left to do.
  16. yillt

    Blind hatchling

    Awww. He's sweet. Such a shame he passed away.
  17. yillt

    Hello, I'm new to the forums...

    Welcome Terry and owner. :D
  18. yillt

    Billy's new enclosure...

    Hi. I have spent the last couple of days planning Billy's new enclosure. I'm going to add a few pictures but bear in mind that it's not done. I have ordered a 100W Mercury vapour with a ceramic reflective holder. I also need to do a bit about covering the enclosure for humidity. I have also...
  19. yillt

    Blind hatchling

    Make everything easy for him. Small food, in a dish, not on a slate. No drops obviously, shallow water dish with a rock in the middle. Please could we see some photos and welcome to TFO!! :D
  20. yillt

    Stop scratching!

    @cmac3 and @Gillian Moore have nailed it really. Add some half logs, plant pots and grow your owns. You can buy trays of tortoise food seeds which they love and it creates a more natural and enriching environment.