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  1. RTfanatic

    Anybody know whether Farfugium Gigantica is safe?

    I'm looking for info on Farfugium Gigantica which also might be called "tractor seat plant" and looks like oversized dollar weed. See picture. Anybody recognize it and now whether it's edible by Russians or Leopards?
  2. RTfanatic

    Russian Desert Tortoise 4.75" Needs Rehoming

    We have a 16 year old (estimated) Russian Desert Tortoise named Yuri who needs rehoming. He has been in the family for eight years, but after a tough year of bullying by a larger RT male, we're looking to find him a good less stressful home. We estimate he was about 8 years old when we got him 8...
  3. RTfanatic

    12 Year Old 11.75" Pardalis Babcoki Male

    Healthy and active Pardalis Babcoki male estimated 12 years old that I've owned since March 2009. He's grown from 6.75" in that time to 11.75" at a healthy rate mostly grazing outdoors on St. Augustine, bermuda, rye and other grasses as well as some sedum and cactus, with periodic Mazuri and...
  4. RTfanatic

    Help, Nadia has a broken beak!

    Help! I noticed Nadia (Russian Tort) this morning has a chipped beak, pretty high up to her nasal openings. First time I've ever seen this with my torts. Don't know how she got it of course, but certainly affects her ability to tear off pieces of food. Looking carefully at the picture you...
  5. RTfanatic

    Fastest growing succulent plants?

    Hmm, I've got some of the "Red Apple", but I've never seen signs that either the Russians or Leopards munch on it. Maybe I need to look more carefully for less obvious signs. They certainly don't mow it down to the stub like they do most other succulent plants they really like.
  6. RTfanatic

    Fastest growing succulent plants?

    Yep, my opuntia cactus grows rather well and I just rooted a few more pads to grow more. I have trouble keeping ice plants growing well in our climate (College Station, which is kind of in the transition zone between central and east Texas). In general sedum's and other succulents grow well...
  7. RTfanatic

    Wanted: 2-3 South African Leopards - Pardalis Pardalis

    Wanted, a source for Pardalis Pardalis South African Leopard Tortoises. Would like to acquire a few and give them a good home. Preferably 2 or more years old, obviously healthily and etc. Thanks
  8. RTfanatic

    Fastest growing succulent plants?

    Does anyone have any ideas what the fastest growing succulent plants might be? My torts love succulents of various types, and I have a couple of different types of sedums, but they're certainly not very fast growing. Has anyone come across an extremely fast growing type of succulent?
  9. RTfanatic

    Central Texas Leopard Breeder

    Yes, he was an older fellow, and that general area seems about right, though I think I would have remembered Georgetown. But there are only so many leopard breeders, so that might be him.
  10. RTfanatic

    Central Texas Leopard Breeder

    In late 2009 I purchased a 7 inch leopard tortoise from a breeder at a reptile show in northwest Houston. I believe the breeder said they were from a small town in the Central Texas area, but I can't remember the name of the breeder or the town. He and his wife were showing several 5-10 year...
  11. RTfanatic

    "Preferred" Eating Choices

    First of all, I have two leopards just under 7 inches long and they each 5-6 years old. They love the typical hibiscus, cactus, sedum's, watermelon vines, spring mix, etc. What I don't seem them eating much is grasses, which they are supposed the eat for the majority of their diet. I used to...
  12. RTfanatic

    shell abrading knee

    That sounds odd, as the torts tend to wear the surfaces near their limbs pretty smooth, though if the shell is cracked it might rub it for a while. Are you sure it's the shell scraping him?
  13. RTfanatic

    portable/collapsible pen?

    Depends on the size of the tortoise. I essentially did the same as jobeanator but used 2x8's since I have 7" Leopards as well as 5" Russians. So both have plenty of clearance.
  14. RTfanatic

    Crash Crashed

    I laughed! He was just warning you to watch your step next time!
  15. RTfanatic

    Dragging Shell

    I remember reading a post a while back here or on another site where a tort was stung by a scorpion and he was acting partially paralyzed for a while (can't remember how long but probably only a few days). He recovered and was fine after that. Regardless, I would get him to a vet as...
  16. RTfanatic

    Giant tort!

    Think of the poop from that old guy! ; )
  17. RTfanatic

    Hermy bites his front leg

    He may have seen something or thought he saw something like food stuck to his leg.
  18. RTfanatic

    Russian Tort, wearing down scales on arms

    I'd be surprised if they rubbed their faces enough to wear down the arm scales without hurting their face. When I see mine rubbing their faces it's usually because they've been eating and have something hanging out of their mouth or stuck to it, or have been digging and have dirt on their face...