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  1. marissab

    Adult Russian Tortoise Chicago Area (Naperville)

    Currently seeking a home for our tortoise, Luigi! Marissa, Luigi’s original owner, has left for college and his foster family is no longer able to take care of him. He is a handsome, friendly Russian tortoise who although lacks in speed, makes up for in personality. His favorite activities...
  2. marissab

    My Hermann's Tortoise Won't Stop Biting Feet/Shoes!

    Maybe he has a foot fetish
  3. marissab

    Wild Caught vs Captive Bred

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a side by side photo of a wc and cb Russian tortoise? I know the basic descriptions of them but I’d love to see a photograph. Pretty sure my boy luigi was wild caught but I’m curious to see the difference
  4. marissab

    Wheezing tort??

    He has an 18 sq foot setup, it’s the most room I have and the vet said that was fine and I cannot change it currently. He has a mix of coco coir and reptibark. He eats and moves around quite well, all seems fine. His lighting is the one I’ve seen posted on these forums and the vet recommended. I...
  5. marissab

    Wheezing tort??

    my boy luigi is doing what seems to be wheezing. Im tight on money this month so I don’t know if I can afford to take him to the vet but I emailed them. Does anyone have experience with this? Please help! Here is an Instagram link to the videos
  6. marissab

    DIY Ramp

    Hi everyone! I added a little loft to Luigi's enclosure, and the only problem is I'm struggling with making a ramp up to it. I've tried rocks and bricks and Luigi just can't climb up easily. Any advice on how to make one?
  7. marissab

    Giving My Russian Tortoise Exercise

    I'm worried my tortoise isn't getting enough exercise in the winter months. I'm not home most of the day so I don't know if he moves around much in his terrarium, which is rather large (12 feet sq.). Whenever I put him in the bath he kind of just sits there, so he doesn't get much time to move...
  8. marissab

    Shedding/flaking skin?

    I've been seeing this around Luigi face for the past couple days. Is this normal?
  9. marissab

    Golden Sedum and Jade Cache

    I purchased two succulents for my RT recently, and couldn't find a whole lot of info on these two. He loves the golden sedum and once in a great while will eat the jade cache. Are these okay for him?
  10. marissab

    Dirty or unhealthy scutes?

    i was giving my tortoise a bath and cleaning him with a toothbrush. I noticed some residue came off of his scutes and I don't know if it's unhealthy or if it's just dirt/oil buildup. Could someone please let me know?
  11. marissab

    Sharp exhaling sound

    I know tortoises exhale when they go into their shells, however Luigi has been making a sharp exhaling sound every once in a while. His habitat is in my room, so sometimes when I go to sleep I can hear him making these noises. I think it came from his nose. Usually he makes this noise when I'm...
  12. marissab

    Nail trimming and bleeding

    I'm out of town still, but my sister says that he was eating and digging in his habitat so I'm sure he's fine. I will just put some rocks in his habitat and use a nail file in the future
  13. marissab

    Nail trimming and bleeding

    No, I'm actually out of town for two days. His nail was dark when I left but he wasn't bleeding and was eating when I left
  14. marissab

    Nail trimming and bleeding

    The bleeding stopped almost immediately after it started, I think I just nicked him. He's still scared but I hand fed him some aloe leaf and he seems better. Chomping like normal now.
  15. marissab

    Nail trimming and bleeding

    I take my tortoise outside on the concrete to file down the nails, but it hasn't been helping whatsoever. Every time I hold him his nails proceed to scrape my hands painfully. I looked on this forum and it said to trim them. I tried my best to not hurt his nerve, but he started to bleed and then...
  16. marissab

    Terrarium Change- tank to tortoise house?

    Good news- I'm recruiting my sister's boyfriend to help me build a tortoise table, 4 feet by 4 feet
  17. marissab

    Terrarium- plastic tubs

    My terrarium for an adult russian tortoise is too small (20 gallon tank) - I've heard about people linking storage bins, and this is my first option because it's cheap. I would build a wooden terrarium, but I don't have a whole lot of access to wood, nor am I good at using wood.. I wouldn't know...
  18. marissab

    Terrarium Change- tank to tortoise house?

    Would these two tubs work together or should I get more???
  19. marissab

    Terrarium Change- tank to tortoise house?

    How do you link them together? Do you know what has instructions for this
  20. marissab

    Terrarium Change- tank to tortoise house?

    The problem is I don't have a whole lot of access to wood, and I don't know how to build anything...