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    I have a 2.5 years old Hermann, awake from the hibernation on mid March She’s pretty weak and underweight (58gr) I do not know much about her since she’s given to me on last September by my neighbour who’s no longer looked after her and it was my first tort. The vet ran a fecal test and found...
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    Tortoise not eating or movinge

    I am really sorry for your lose ?,she's been a courageous little tort and she's in a better place now.You did your best. Sending hugs
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    Lost my 2 girls within a week of each other

    I am really sorry for your lost?. My hermann tort passed away 2 months ago, it's a very hard thing to go through. I hope you are to able to find out the cause of the death. Sending you ?
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    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear from you, although it's a little progress, Iam sure Tiny will get better day by day it seems that you are on the right track, keep continue with what you should do, it takes time ,lot's of effort & patience. Hopefully by the time we get to spring/summer, the warm...
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    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    Thank you for the update, Iam glad you will continue with the treatment, what's antibiotic Tiny's taking at the moment and for how long? I'm definitely sure you will do your best to help him get well, I ? hard for you and Tiny speedy recovery . Please keep us posted on the progress.
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    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    Thank you
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    Tortellini’s vet sick exam please help

    It’s good to get a second opinion from another vet, I hope there will be a better solution to solve Tortellini’s problem. Get well soon Tortellini ?
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    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    Hi Emf, it breaks my heart after reading the sad conditions of your small tortoise ... and I appreciate your kindness trying to help this little creature. I am new to the tortoise world and I have read many interesting information and useful advises in this forum since these two days. I lost my...
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    I need help with giving antibiotics orally

    Hi, Mark1 thanks for the information.
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    I need help with giving antibiotics orally

    Hi Dov, after reading your story, it reminds me of what happened to my tort 3 weeks ago. I think if your tort can eat it, and it works the same as injection then let it continue this way. I used to give the Baytril injections to my tort ( 2 yrs old Hermanni) who had eyes infection for about 2...