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    Mega Ray bulb's

    Update: After about 3 months, I got an e-mail response asking if I had received a replacement. Replied back no, and a day later had a UPS tracking number. I'm glad they finally made good, but its going to take a lot to ever get me to be a customer again. You'd think they'd just bite the...
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    Calcium and Vitamins

    I feel better about sprinkling pure calcium over the food, but I feed more of a grocery diet (although varied and organic). I would not use D3 as I have a MVB for UVB (same if your tort got sun). Opinions really vary. I'd never use fat soluble vitamins because I believe in feeding a good diet...
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    horsefield depression

    Temps are the biggest thing with tort keeping, so double check those with a good thermometer like a temp gun... With an indoor setup, you need to be checking the temps every couple days. Even if you have a thermostat set, the humidity in the room or sun coming in can change the temps...
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    what does every one use for a water bowl?

    When my tort was tiny we used the Groovy Jacuzzi...he couldn't safely use a ramp bowl or saucer, but even the XL size won't work past 3 or 4 inches. Now we use part of a plastic pond waterfall (black plastic from Lowes which we used safe rough spray paint on to give it traction and some color...
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    Whats up with her shell??

    I'm personally against D3 if you have UVB from a bulb or the sun, but read up on it and see what you think. I just use a pure calcium starting at daily for a hatchling, decreasing to every other to every third day as the tort grows to an adult size. THe calcium is water soluble while D3 is fat...
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    olive oil???

    I'm a believer in keeping everything with my tort as natural as possible (like the wild), so at this time I'd never consider putting anything on the shell. I believe the products have the potential to do more harm than good. What about the products trapping bacteria in the scutes? I have also...
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    T Rex Active UV Heat

    Yes, some people describe the light put out from a MVB as blueish. I haven't seen that with mine though. The light can change color over the first couple weeks as the UVB does its major decay (although it still is supposed to maintain a healthy level for 12 months used 12 hours a day). What...
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    Hatchling Fever

    I think once you decide to get more than one, the chance that you will end up with a large amount of torts is pretty likely, so thats another thing to consider (the just one more syndrome). We've decided our little guy will be an only child until the possible day where we have the climate &...
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    Digital vs. Mechanical

    I have digital timers and temp gun, but thats about all the tort equipment I use. Before those, I had a mechanical timer, which made a very annoying clicking noise, and wasn't very reliable (it would randomly stop), and one of those silly digital probe thermometers (way too slow).
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    Why are baby tortoises hard to keep?

    I 100% agree with Kristina. I regret getting a hatchling, even though everything turned out great. I worried quite a bit about was I doing everything correct, would he flip over while I was at work, etc. I think they aren't much more difficult to keep, but they are more likely to fail with...
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    T Rex Active UV Heat

    Does it really say 24 inches? With the 100 Watt MVBs, I am more familiar with seeing a safe distance of 12-18 inches from the substrate (so that at 24 inches it wouldn't get hot enough, which 80 F shows...for a Greek you're probably looking for more like 95 F). I haven't heard of the 24 inches...
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    caboose has soft stools

    Most captive/indoor torts tend to have chronic loose stools from the diet. I'd almost expect it with what you feed. The stools can really vary with the difference in diet week to week though. I'd do regular (every 6-12 month) parasite tests and not worry about it...just do the best you can...
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    Vision Tubs

    The tubs have even more ventilation the cages (I believe we are talking about the tubs). I have the large one and its awesome...couldn't find anything anywhere near the shape and look of it to get 18 sq ft, looking at the Waterland tubs and stock tanks. That boa tub is a much better deal than...
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    New owners of Russian tort, few questions!

    Substrate with calcium in that calci-sand? Not a good choice. A pure calcium supplement on the food every other day or so is needed. I would also not use hemp. Both sand and hemp can lead to impaction if the tort eats it, more readily than other recommended substrates. Calci-sand is...
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    Looking to get my first tortoise

    Welcome! As far as the noise at night, you can set their light to turn off a few hours before you go to bed so they are sure to be settled down for the night. I do lights on 12 hours a day (typical), so likely it will work just fine for you to not have their light on until you are up, and have...
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    wanted: looking for breeder near Seattle

    Welcome! There is a huge reptile expo in October at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Its my favorite in the area (largest?), the NW Captive Breeders Expo. You just missed a couple other ones though, the Emerald City Reptile Expo and Seattle Reptile Expo. I would recommend to consider a slightly...
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    Soaking a lot

    For a young hatchling sitting in the water can be a sign of illness. If the temps increase drastically they may soak to cool down. Kidney problems can be associated with water intake increase, but I think you'd see other symptoms? Other than that, I'd preliminary assume its just a
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    Tortoises and vacation

    I'd pretty much agree with Maggie. I'm fine leaving my tort alone for a few days at a time now that he's out of the fragie stage, but thats feeding on day 1 (am) and day 3 (pm) most likely (such as a Fri-Sun trip). When we've gone away any longer than that we've done a sitter, twice taking him...
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    Oak Leaf Lettuce?

    Yes. Its commonly in spring mix as well. Basically any type of lettuce is. My tort love the crunchy ends of lettuce as a treat (high water content and little nutrition). These gourmet organic lettuces are really taking off in the stores, but are quite pricey. Some of the greens you have to...
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    MVB Bulb ???

    Wow what basking temp do you get at 12 inches? I have it at about 14/15 inches in our 60F high humidity house to get 95 F basking temp at the substrate (hotter for the tort). My tort still tends to bask to the side of the sweet spot with that temp.