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    I am interested in bringing him in, but I'm in South Texas... Willing to ship? I have a perfect enclosure empty for him!
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    Red Foots

    How do these two look? They eat well, soak and get some sun every day. Defecate normally and of course sleep most of the day. Temps are between 80-85, I mist twice daily, they have a humid hide and couple of corners with moist sphag moss. Substrate is reptibark, coco and cypress. I’ll be...
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    Easy red foot enclosure .

    I have nearly the exact setup. I have a heating pad on a thermostat in their hide-side. I have the fogger and uvb on smart outlets. UVB is scheduled and the humidifier is on for a few minutes every 3 hours. The CHE lamp I just moved from a smart outlet to a thermostat set at 88 degrees.
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    Definitely. It’s about the animals, what’s best for them.
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    I’ll shred the carrot! They love the squash, cucumber and greens. I’ve given a strawberry a couple times, today was solely soaked mazuri.
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    No I completely appreciate it. I did contact Mark for his smart enclosures. I’ll most likely set up next month when I move into the new home.
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    Great reply... I appreciate it. I did change the heat bulb to a CHE a few days ago - due to the amount of light it was putting out. I'll take a video/pics of updates when I get home. They do have a moist cave and the covered side of the ZooMed tortoise house. Only time I handle is to bring...
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    I had these hatchlings on hold for quite some time... The home purchase has happened very quickly and suddenly. Thankfully, they'll be in a naturally more humid climate and will have MUCH more space as they grow.
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    Kenan Red Foots!

    Hello everybody! New owner to a pair of Red-Foot hatchlings from Kamp Kenan. They are in a tortoise house with coco, cypress mulch and reptabark substrate. They have a couple of sphag moisture hideouts. Lighting is a tube UVB and a CHE for heat. In their enclosed portion of the house, they...
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    Hello Mark, info sheet on juvenile RF enclosure. [email protected] Thank you

    Hello Mark, info sheet on juvenile RF enclosure. [email protected] Thank you