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  1. HollyLovesBob

    Russian Tortoise won’t eat

    If you can find some dandelions that you can be sure haven’t been sprayed with chemicals, give them a good wash and try them out for size. My Russian loves them! They’ll eat (and it’s safe to eat) the whole thing - leaves, stalk and flowers. Don’t feed them daisies, think I saw somewhere not to.
  2. HollyLovesBob

    Baby tortoise rescued. It's in bad shape.

    Poor little thing! He must be resilient to have survived all that! Hope he bounces back, he’s lucky you found him. Best of luck with him. His previous owners shouldn’t be allowed to keep pets. Bet they have others being improperly cared for.
  3. HollyLovesBob

    Comment by 'HollyLovesBob' in media 'Rainbow's Enclosure'

    Awh Rainbow is spoilt! This is lovely! Do you remember where you got the hide on the far left? It looks awesome!
  4. HollyLovesBob

    Do tortoises really need water?

    That’s so sad about the bladder stones... you’ve got me worried about my guy now since we found him outside and we have no idea how long he’d been out alone with no source of drinking water... He seems perfectly fine though, pees and urates are good and his poops are great now. There’s no...
  5. HollyLovesBob

    Won't Eat

    Just an idea but maybe he needs to feel like he’s finding food for himself. He might not understand being hand fed or getting food from a dish if he isn’t accustomed to that. Otherwise this website might help, it lists foods they’ll eat...
  6. HollyLovesBob

    Opo 2.0

    Awh so cute!
  7. HollyLovesBob

    Thinking about hibernation...

    Yep, it has been a steep learning curve so far! Do you allow yours to hibernate? I can’t imagine our guy staying still long enough to hibernate to be honest but I guess he would slow down if we were to reduce his food and time under the lamp.
  8. HollyLovesBob

    Thinking about hibernation...

    Thanks Rosemary. I might hold off on hibernating him this year depending on how I feel after speaking to a vet.
  9. HollyLovesBob

    Can tortoises make best friends?

    Brilliant thanks Tom :)
  10. HollyLovesBob

    Thinking about hibernation...

    Hello all, I could use some advice! I know it’s a long way off hibernation time but we are considering hibernating our Russian boy this coming winter and I was really hoping to get some advice from someone who has past experience of successfully hibernating Russians. The issue we have is we...
  11. HollyLovesBob

    Why do they even keep the tortoise

    Omg that is too cute for words
  12. HollyLovesBob

    Can tortoises make best friends?

    This is probably the wrong thread to ask this question but I wouldn't know where else to ask... Lyn mentioned ‘sexually mature males” earlier. Does anyone have a rough idea what that age is? For Eve’s Herman and for myself with a Russian boy who rudely flashed me his winky today for the first...
  13. HollyLovesBob

    Miss Violet in Southern California

    My Russian is also a stray and I haven't had him long so I can't answer your question from a place of great experience. Hopefully a few more of the old timers will weigh in on this! I think it might be worth looking into 'abnormal' or 'unusual' growth of Russian Tortoises because I came across...
  14. HollyLovesBob

    Hello from me and Bob!

    Thanks all! My mum loves the tortoise table website. Yes we did the same thing, he’s not chipped either. It was such a panic at first to find out what he was, what he could eat, whether he needed certain temperatures etc. But now he’s no trouble at all and we’ve become quite attached! I’ll have...
  15. HollyLovesBob

    Hello from me and Bob!

    Hello, this is Bob the Russian tortoise and my new best buddy! He lives with my parents since we found him in a car park behind my apartment a few weekends ago. We've been told he's around 2-3 years old, but upon further research online, it sounds like with Russians it's quite hard to tell. We...