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  1. bobbymoore

    major winter storm here

    Yes they do last year we had a major drought and this yea 3 feet of snow
  2. bobbymoore

    major winter storm here

    I was suppose to fly back to Canada from st.Louis but they cancelled my flight until Saturday I'm dying to see my tortoises!
  3. bobbymoore

    Baby Sulcta flipped in water bowl?!

    Maybe the water bowl is too high for her to get in and out of she could of walked on the edge sideways lost balance and flipped glad she's okay
  4. bobbymoore

    hello from st.louis!

    No I'm going back to Canada on Feb 25 ish I'm here for a training course
  5. bobbymoore

    i've had 'him' one year now

    Great looking tort
  6. bobbymoore

    hello from st.louis!

    6 months now roughly 4-5 inches very healthy
  7. bobbymoore

    hello from st.louis!

    So I'm in st.Louis I had to leave my sullys back home in Canada for 2 months but I checked on them to day via talking to my sister over face time they seem good but I miss them!
  8. bobbymoore

    How long should I wait before asking for another pet?

    Write a letter to Santa I don't think it's too late I mailed my last night
  9. bobbymoore

    Mountain torts: pic heavy

    Biting fingers is most likely from hand feeding if you want them to stop stop hand feeding them BUT it does let you interact with your tort in a different way and at least you know they trust you
  10. bobbymoore


    True we should bring back stoning oh well I hope he suffered
  11. bobbymoore


    This is very sad wish the idiot was alive so he could get what he deserves this is sick. Canada has very strict gun rules
  12. bobbymoore

    Don't trade with Mr. McGee in MS!

    I just make a new email and say hey I herd you had some box turtles can I buy one then nail him to the wall :) sorry I have a evil side too
  13. bobbymoore

    Tort prices

    I paid 1000$ for my male red foot here in Canada my sulcatas cost me around 200$ a price but that's because I bought them all at once stats are 1200-1500$ each Russians 400$ish give or take Canada has bad prices on tortoises [hr] I'm guessing those are port credit prices right? Both of those...
  14. bobbymoore

    Estate animals

    I still have about 70 years left in me so ill think about it in another 29 years when I'm 50 life is to short to plan your death!
  15. bobbymoore

    My hooked up ZooMed Tort House

    Very nice
  16. bobbymoore

    Other good reasons to have a tortoise

    Lol that a good idea I guess but I would of tool the rapper off and put iron the microwave for 10 seconds
  17. bobbymoore

    60 Minutes on sunday

    Hugh Jackman is the narrator
  18. bobbymoore

    Hot Dog

    Just curious why hotdog for the name lol
  19. bobbymoore

    Colin Kaepernick owns a 100-pound tortoise

    RE: San Francisco 49er's QB has a sulcata Lol my sister boyfriend loves the 49ers she took him to a game for his birthday this year but he hates my and my sisters sulcatas so I will be sending these pictures to him haha
  20. bobbymoore

    Hi all

    Hello welcome at the top of the Sulcata page there's a thread on how to raise a Sulcata hatchling written by one of our Sulcata experts Tom please read it and you will have a better understanding