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  1. HarleyK

    What gender is my RedFoot?

    Hi there, I purchased my redfoot named Harley as a hatchling 5 years ago and s/he doing great! Can someone confirm whether it's a he or she please? Thanks! My baby's face :]
  2. HarleyK

    Inactive Redfoot

    Hi there, 110F is too hot. Mine prefers to be in the 85-90 range, but usually in the 85F. As for the inactivity, it is absolutely normal for young rf's to be inactive. Mine was seriously burried in moss for about 1 year. Now she's about 2 years old and active. I used to have to take her...
  3. HarleyK

    Gender of my Northern

    I was wondering if any of you can help determine the gender of my 2 1/2 year old redfoot? :D
  4. HarleyK

    Marbling in Northern

    Thanks for the compliments! That northern is beautiful! Does marbling stay into adulthood or does it typically fade?
  5. HarleyK

    Marbling in Northern

    I attached some pics. Just some background: I bought my redfoot at a reptile expo 2 years ago at 1.5" and he has grown a lot! Excuse the dirt on his face :D He has an outdoor pen and sits in the mud from time to time :) Let me know what you guys think. I do believe this is marbling?
  6. HarleyK

    Marbling in Northern

    My northern RF Harley is a little over 2 years old now. He has some marbling between only sections of scutes. What's interesting is the marbling is not throughout the shell, only certain sections. Does marbling also stay into adulthood?
  7. HarleyK

    Sizing me up

    Sometimes when I walk close close to my 3 year old redfoot he stands up on all fours and stretches out his neck. It seems like he's standing really tall. Do you think my tortoise is sizing me up? I must admit, when he does that I'm thinking "one cool/handsome looking tort!"
  8. HarleyK

    "Black Cherry" update

    Very cool Kristina. Do you have more pics of your black cherry's head/face?
  9. HarleyK

    Shell turning brown

    Hi Mikey, The wetted part looks ok to me. I'm not sure what you're looking at.
  10. HarleyK

    what age do i buy?

    Hi there, it depends on the person. I wanted a baby because there's the satisfaction of raising a tortoise to adulthood, but then again I have owned reptiles before and was confident with my ability to care for it. Aside from that, there are advantages in buying an adult or subadult. The sex...
  11. HarleyK

    Stains on shell

    Do any of you brush your tort's shell? There is some staining on my redfoots due to the eco earth and him burrying himself. Now that he's no longer burrowing, I thought I'd give him a nice scrubbin' :D What should I use? Just water?
  12. HarleyK

    Dont bite there!

    Nice redfoot! How big is she?
  13. HarleyK

    Soaking baby Redfoots

    I soaked mine practically every night. It became a habit for me and plus it seemed to help defecation. If you're worried that your tort will stress just take him or her out before it starts climbing against the sides. That's what I do.
  14. HarleyK

    Water bowl size

    I am thinking about taking my larger water bowl out mainly because I found my redfoot on his back yesterday when I got home from work. What if he had fallen on his back and rolled into the water dish? Do any of you leave water bowls that are large enough for your tortoise to soak in? Any...
  15. HarleyK

    Redfoot no longer shy

    Haha yeah! I knew what I was in for though. He was probably the shyest one out of the group I picked from.
  16. HarleyK

    Redfoot no longer shy

    So my redfoot was hatched in April 2010. The care has been exactly the same, but my redfoot has finally snapped out of his or her “shy” phase. Has this happened to anyone’s babies? For the past year and a half or so, I felt like I had pet dirt! It was buried all day and I had to...
  17. HarleyK

    Q's on buying red foot/cherryhead

    Well I purchased my redfoot from LLL Reptiles at a reptile expo and I do not regret I did that. I was able to hand pick the one I wanted (they really do have their own personalities), but be sure the vendor at the expo will have enough to choose from (contact them ahead of time) so that you...
  18. HarleyK

    Vitamin powder- what do you do for your torts.

    I personally use Tetrafauna's Reptocal and Tetrafauna Reptolife. I just recently purchased the Reptolife vitamins. I plan on lightly sprinkling some Reptolife 1/week and Reptocal (which has a bit of D3) 2x a week. So far so good for my yearling.
  19. HarleyK

    Tiago's new tortoise table!

  20. HarleyK

    CHE wattage question

    You being in IL I would recommend the 150. I’m using the 100w Zoo Med and it works great and I’m located in Cali. If I could do it over again, and when my CHE breaks down, I’d go for the 150w Zoo Med clamp lamp with the dimmer switch and couple it with a 150w. This way when colder...