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    On the hunt for a large closed chamber.

    Thank you Tom. That's quite the price cut. Glad you knew where to look. Children are my favorite reptile to keep 😂
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    On the hunt for a large closed chamber.

    Okay, that's a little unfortunate but thank you for answering my question.
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    On the hunt for a large closed chamber.

    I'm looking to expand my CH's winter enclosure. I want to see if I can find an 8x8 closed chamber, but so far all I've found is 8x4. Do y'all know where I can find one that large? Thank you.
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    Another one to MBD?

    Sorry for your loss
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    Photos of my Babies

    I just wanted to make a space for me to share photos I've taken of my two.
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    RIP Daisy

    I am so sorry for your loss. TB isn't easy and I am sure she gave it her all. Wishing you and Jacky peace.
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    Is this tortoise actually ill?

    It's sad because that's the exact advice I took for my baby and a decade later, he's not smooth. It's amazing how some people can be so stuck in their ways, even with better knowledge being accessible.
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    A Thank You from Marty and Me

    I just wanted to write this to thank you all. From the last month I've been on this forum, you've changed all of our lives. Marty is living a better life and little baby Juniper will be growing up with the best care because of y'all. I am so happy I can provide better care for them than all the...
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    Tortoises, pizza, oh my....

    Your heart is certainly in the right place, but I don't actually think it is feasible. It's going to be extremely expensive, probably more money than most of us on the forum even have combined. I really do think Yvonne and Gomberg have it right. I wish you all the luck in the world, but I doubt...
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    How do cherry head markings change as they age?

    This is how my 10+ year old looks. He is on the smaller side for CH and he's really orange.
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    Fern id

    There are these ferns in my weed garden that my hatchling got in a bite before I stopped them. Plantnet said its probably either ebony spleenwort or Ladder fern. Does anyone know for sure?
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    Has anyone used these

    My honest two cents is not to keep them indoors. I think it's so much easier to keep them outside. In a backyard, you usually have more space to mess around with. It's also better for them as a whole. Natural lighting s do wonders. Now granted, no idea what your situation is with your yard, but...
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    Healthy Plants to Grow in NC climate

    I own an adult CH and a leopard hatchling.
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    Healthy Plants to Grow in NC climate

    I am starting to get into some botany and I am trying to find some good plants to grow for my tortoises. I know about hibiscus and prickly pear, I just want to be able to provided a varied diet with the least grocery store trips as possible. The area I live is a 7-8 hardiness zone (depending on...
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    Hello, I am New.

    Hello Tom. Thank you so much for both the compliment and for the care guide you made. I read it and it's wonderful. The table is a leftover from when Marty was a hatchling when tortoise tables were what I was recommended at the time. Probably why he is pyramided, at least partly. Once Ian blows...
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    Hello, I am New.

    My male Cherryhead Marty. My hatching.
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    Hello, I am New.

    Yes I do know, thank you. I have a large enough yard and home for both of them to be kept separate luckily. I am definitely going to try and figure out a nice close chamber build as I don't want to make the same mistakes I did with my cherryhead when I was younger. Thank you for the warm welcome.