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    Mosquito Repellent

    Yeah I don’t know how this got in the for sale section. I’d appreciate it if someone would move it. Sorry about that.
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    Mosquito Repellent

    What does everyone use to keep mosquitoes out of their yard? My parents want to use a mixture whose ingredients are: Rosemary oil Geraniol oil Peppermint oil wintergreen oil White mineral oil I was wondering if this would be okay, and if not what everyone uses to prevent them?
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    Safe insecticides

    Sorry, I know this thread is like 3 years old. I saw mosquito dunks were labeled as safe. Does that mean I can literally put them in the water dishes of my outside box turtle cages and expect no negative repercussions? My mom tossed some in the dishes and when I got home I took them out and...
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    Chaco tortoise and marginated tortoise

    I’m selling a male marginated tortoise and male Chaco tortoise. I got them both in a trade but don’t have much interest in them nor do I have the knowledge of how to take care of Chaco tortoises. For the full grown male marginated I’d like $100 For the male Chaco tortoise (don’t know if it’s...
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    6” albino sulcatas

    I’m selling 6” albino sulcatas. All are heavy and healthy. I’m in dallas, Texas area, but can meet just about anywhere or am willing to ship. PM for price and further questions/pictures. Have a split scute for sale as well. Not planning to sell it for less than the others because it is probably...
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    Adult eastern box turtle

    Sorry to hear. I’m sure someone on this forum can give it a good home in your area. I’m in Texas, but have a group of easterns that would live with it. However, I’m guessing you can find someone in your area to give it a good home.
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    Hatchling Gulf Coast Box Turtles

    Have hatchling Gulf Coast Box turtles for sale. Traded for them from a local breeder. I told him before the deal was made that I would just be selling them once I got them. $75 each or $50 each if you get at least 3. I'm in Dallas area, but travel to south Texas fairly often. 5 are Florida...
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    Getting a star tomorrow

    He's now munching down on the romaine. Will try grass soon.
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    Getting a star tomorrow

    Soaked him and put him in front of food. The lady said she soaks him, keeps him on bark (not great, but not sand), and feeds him leafy greens. She did say she doesn't keep it that humid in the cage, but that she doesn't keep it dry. He seems healthy and the pyramiding isn't as bad as it looked...
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    Getting a star tomorrow

    Thank you. I definitely wouldn't be offended to receive any advice. I will definitely bring up a lot of those (soaking, foods, humidity, outdoor time, 4 cage temps) when I meet them tomorrow. They did breed it, so they have some knowledge, but that doesn't say much since many people breed...
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    Getting a star tomorrow

    I'm supposed to pick up a small Sri Lankan Star Tortoise from a Craigslist breeder tomorrow morning. It's a species I have always wanted and I came across a good deal for it. I'm very excited. Wanted to ask if keepers had any tips for keeping them or could attach a good care-sheet. Here is a...
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    So... Just went to a reptile show...

    I can't imagine how many times Tom has written this. I have also noticed that some people who do use the proper methods to raise them keep them drier during the shows because it is hard to create a closed chamber and keep it warm and humid at the show so they keep it dry and cool to avoid RI...
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    Need help with identification!!!

    It's a beautiful box turtle. I live around Dallas and they are definitely native to this area, I usually see a couple every spring / summer. You should consider keeping it over winter and then letting it go where you found it. They have homing instincts so they will always try to go back to...
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    Gopher tortoise spray painted blue.

    That's awful, I really can't imagine how you could do that. On the shell maybe (not agreeing with it) but on its skin, especially it's head and ace, that's awful. Glad they got it off of him and released him with no bad consequences. The tortoise does look cool though. . .
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    Under 4inches torts sold in stores (like 2/2.5 inch not 3.5/3.8 inch)

    Sucks that the pet store is uneducated. But, the 4" law is a load of crap and shouldn't exist, in my opinion.
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    Is Tortoise-Breeding creating a Time-Bomb?

    Would shipping them over and releasing be possible? I'd guess it wouldn't be allowed since it could pass parasites to wild populations. They would need a complete check up from a professional which would cost a lot I assume.
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    What kind of tortoise is this?

    Yep, definitely a North American box turtle of some type. My guess is 3 toed. You can check out care sheets on this website on how to take care of that specific species; it's very different than tortoises. There may not be a box turtle caresheet. Although I THINK the care is similar to Red-Foot...
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    ID please or LET'S PLAY I.D. THE SEA TURTLE!!!

    No idea on any ID. But they are awesome and all those places sound like an awesome place to go to. Can I post pictures of the ones I saw in Hawaii for ID? Or would that be 'stealing the thread'?
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    Alligator Snapping Turtle One Step Closer

    Update: my mom claims she took pictures of it. So I will check.