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  1. Kapidolo Farms

    Vitamin D and UVB question

    the D's pathways are complicated with recycling and feedback loops and genuinely unsettled among people who put much more effort into understanding it than I have. I feel certain that mud turtles can get D3 directly from diet, my own first hand experience with this regards three stripped mud...
  2. Kapidolo Farms

    Egyptian Tortoise Sexing

    i agree. @[email protected] your thoughts?
  3. Kapidolo Farms

    New Leopard tortoise group!

    I'm happy to see these photos, sorta bring a bit more light into the day. I notice from the recent photos, where they are in a tub, that the left most one also has much less flaring on the rear marginals. And Rosy is the largest, so I'm inclined to say that one is female, the others are...
  4. Kapidolo Farms

    Respiratory Infection - some advice

    It's not really appropriate for me to diagnose any health issue when I've not done a full owner interview/animal inspection. All matters that can cause a runny nose are in that article, that Vet - Dr. Boyer, is saying alot of the time it is mycoplasma. Not all the time. I know of cases where...
  5. Kapidolo Farms

    Respiratory Infection - some advice

    https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/that-nasal-discharge.170356/#post-1669706 I suggest reading more posts here on TFO.
  6. Kapidolo Farms

    Deal of the month, Kapidolo Farms, January 2020

    Hey all, Through to the end of January, a two pound bag of either ZM food (non-GMO), or a two pound bag of PM Layer crumbles (all organic), and eight ounces of Hibiscus (organic) or Rose Hips (organic), plus any two ounce loose leaf items you want to try for $24.99. If you select Raspberry as...
  7. Kapidolo Farms

    Looking to remhome male Russian tortoise (southern california)

    There is a private message function here on this forum. Or please consider establishing an email thread with me, I'm [email protected] in Carlsbad.
  8. Kapidolo Farms

    what tortoise diet should I buy?

    https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/kapidolo-farms-foods-diet-items-and-more.179043/ @Gijoux also worked the booth (Reptile Super Show) with super excellent started baby leopards, anyone who bought one should end up very happy to have such well started baby Leos. I also have a new best record...
  9. Kapidolo Farms

    Any of you RSA folks ever see if your tortoise eats this...Bulbine frutescens

    I have subsequently found this plant and offer it sometimes to pancakes and they seem to have no particular like or dislike of it. My leopards will eat it without hesitation.
  10. Kapidolo Farms

    Live naked people

    . now also on YouTube.
  11. Kapidolo Farms

    Live naked people

    An unanticipated path for me. What a super personable little dude. I'll see what I can do to bring the video here.
  12. Kapidolo Farms

    new enclosure plants

    What if? I can't attest to the knowledge or honesty of some random person working in a nursery.
  13. Kapidolo Farms

    new enclosure plants

    These are good, and many shapes and color schemes to consider - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maranta_(plant) Also recall that it's a good idea to 'age' plants from nurseries as there is no knowing what pesticides or herbicides may have been used. There are herbicides that are selective enough...
  14. Kapidolo Farms

    Kapidolo Farms, Foods, Diet items, and more.

    Foods and Diet items for your tortoises. All Prices include shipping. All Organic sourced unless stated as backyard harvest. Two new items, Echinacea, and Violet both as organic sourced loose leaf. Alfalfa - loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.49 Cactus Chips – $28.99 / $18.99 backyard harvest Calendula...
  15. Kapidolo Farms

    Nails too long?

    What substrate do you use? If you place some ceramic floor tiles, adhesive side up, as they walk around on them the nails will wear down some, Yeah, they seem like they are a bit too long.
  16. Kapidolo Farms

    Predatory fish for 80 gallons?

    An oscar, jack Dempsey.
  17. Kapidolo Farms

    Mazuri and Dried Herbs

    Thanks for the positive comments. Unless you are at the 25 pounds or more purchase quantity I beat Mountain Rose on price. My shipping is less too. I offer many specials, about one a month, and all orders include 1.0 ounces of calcium Carbonate (suitable for use in organic foods) free. Send...
  18. Kapidolo Farms

    DIY Cages: Critter Condo [48"X24"X24"]

    Not bad for a simple PVC cage. A better size than most of the Animal Plastics for the price, but not exactly plug-n-play either.
  19. Kapidolo Farms

    Kapidolo Farms 'Small Business Saturday' deal.

    Any 'deal of the month' you like is available until Sunday 01 December 2019 noon west-coast time with an email indicating your interest to [email protected] . I posted this in a few other venues, this morning my in-box had several takers, what is your choice?
  20. Kapidolo Farms

    Live naked people

    Milky Oats is oat hay harvested before seed heads appear, it is a soft palatable hay high in fiber with a positive C: P ratio. It is the only USDA certified organic grass/hay that I have found consistently available. Acceptance is high among tortoises at least a pound in weight. This covers...