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    Chaco tortoises (long shot, I know)

    I am looking for Chaco tortoises that may be out there as pets, etc. that are not in a breeding situation. While I'm interested in any age or sex, my primary goal is to find 1-2 adult "founder" males (meaning unrelated to existing breeding groups). I can purchase, or potentially offer...
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    Choosing the right tortoise for your climate (southeast US)

    So, I've considered making this post for a while. I see a lot of people keeping tortoises that are a real challenge in their home climate, and I've been down that road as well. Over time I have realized fighting against my local climate is hard and have put a lot of effort into considering...
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    Bells hingeback tortoises - positive for tortoise intranuclear coccidia

    Just a warning to folks: a close friend working with Bell’s hingebacks has relayed to me a positive diagnosis for TINC (intranuclear coccidosis) via necropsy. These tortoises came in to the US in mass quantities in 2020/2021 through a single importer. They then got shipped all over and were...
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    Indian stars!

    So the 2021-22 hatching season is turning out pretty well - finally I have hatched four species in one season whereas previously I’ve only gotten one at a time. The real winner this year looks like Indian stars. I have two fully out of the egg, one pipped, and 10 additional eggs incubating...
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    Surplus - Hermann's & Cherryheads

    I really need to make some space this spring. So I am offering some tortoises here before I have to list them on one of the other classified sites. 3.0 Cherryhead tortoises (CB 2018 by me). I was planning to raise them all to adulthood but ended up with too many males. All three of these...
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    Alert: Repti-bark on sale.

    Just FYI. I buy bark locally in bulk, but for those of you that use repti-bark, it's on super discount right now on
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    How I root cuttings (rose of Sharon / mulberry)

    So I am going to be trying to propagate hibiscus (rose of Sharon) this year and decided to try a few mulberry as well. The methods I am showing have worked for satsuma citrus and camellias, but I’ve never tried hibiscus or mulberry yet. It might take a few tries to nail it but I’ll document...
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    Is it ever appropriate to reposition a tortoise egg?

    So, I am a bit distraught today. I have been incubating a spider tortoise egg for a long time now, and I'm about 2-3 weeks prior to expected hatch date. Today I noticed something looked "off" when candling the egg and I checked for a heartbeat (using the Avitronics egg buddy) and ... nothing...
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    Identification of the Chaco Tortoise

    The topic of differentiating between Chaco and Sulcata tortoises has come up several times on the forum. Several folks, including myself in the past, have struggled to get this one right. So, here are some guidelines and photos (please forgive my bad photography) to aid with the process...
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    The waiting is the hardest part...

    It’s been 9 years coming, but the last 7-9 months is the hard part.
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    Lighting thoughts and experience over the past decade

    So, I've bought and used a whole bunch of tortoise lighting over the past decade. I have considered writing down some notes before, but really felt like it would be pointless if I didn't have UV data. So I finally broke down and bought a Solarmeter 6.5R, and got UV index measurements on what I...
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    New enclosures are here!

    That is, unless the kids realize they can make a pool instead...
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    Measuring temperature (I am seeing this done wrong 99% of the time!)

    When measuring temperature in a tortoise enclosure, there are two temperatures that you can measure: - The AIR temperature in the enclosure - The SURFACE temperature in the enclosure Both of these are important. In an enclosed place without light, such as inside a hide box, these...
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    Using pelletized diets for other livestock (horses etc.)

    I know a lot of folks use the Mazuri tortoise diets, myself included. However I recently noticed that there are a lot of similarities with other grazing animal feeds. For example, consider bluebonnet feeds - performance plus complete (info below). This is a horse feed but seems to look pretty...
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    Female tortoises having a flexible plastron at adulthood

    So I've read in a few articles, both scientific and not, that female tortoises of some smaller species will develop a slightly flexible plastron when they start laying eggs. Some articles suggest this is adaptive, but without direct evidence, as it's also obvious that a gravid female will...
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    Anyone know how to incubate chaco tortoise eggs?

    I know it's probably futile given how few have been bred in the US. I have attempted to reach out privately without success, so I'm hoping there's someone lurking out there with information. Are TSD conditions even known for this species? I know they need a diapause and incubate generally...
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    Does anyone know if Loropetalum (chinese fringe flower) is safe for tortoises?

    Anyone know if this plant safe in an outdoor tortoise enclosure? Steve
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    Eggs cooked! (Warning regarding exo-terra incubator)

    OK I'm more than a little unhappy right now. I've been excited all month as my redfoots are laying. But came home from lunch today to find the incubator malfunctioned and eggs cooked. The incubator gauge indicated 39F, but a second thermometer inside was pegged at >140F. After powering...
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    Pyramiding in star tortoises, effects of humidity & lighting

    So, I was going to post this in the burmese star forum but decided I might get more input here. I have 2 burmese stars that I have been raising by a variation of the "closed chamber" approach, but are still pyramiding. No pics at the moment but I'll try to post some tomorrow. Both tortoises...
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    Female redfoot, So Cal

    CB female about 9" long. I have had her for 8 years now. Some pyramiding but otherwise healthy. I will post a picture when I get a chance. Asking 150, prefer not to ship. Located in Santa Barbara. I want to find a buyer on TFO if possible so she will be well cared for. Thanks, Steve