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  1. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Concerned if my painted turtle is getting shell rot spots

    Please help me friends are these spots due ro shell rot?? Attached pics, if yes please suggest quick medication.
  2. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    How to treat shell rotting on painted turtles

    Please help me on treating shell rott for my painted turtles.. attaching the level of infection pics. Pls asap would be much helpful,.
  3. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Is it okay to feed Tropical Amaranthus

    I was purchasing Tropical Amaranthus to feed my iguana,.. can we also feed this to star tortoises,? Here is the health benefits of The common name of siru keerai is Tropical Amaranthus. It has the power of curing many rare diseases and diseases that has no cure by English medicine. Siru keerai...
  4. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Zilla food, is this suggested for star tortoises one year old

    Hey friends, anyone can suggest me if this is a good for star tortoise year old, Inhave uploaded the images of ingredients and it nutrients facts,. Also please suggest if i can feed this on daily basis along with some oputia and hibiscus leaves and flowers..
  5. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Is red lettuce safe for star tortoises?

    Hi, can we feed red lettuce to star tortoises?
  6. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Sweet potato leave suggested for star tortoises ??

    Hello friends, anyone knows if sweet potato leaves can be given to star tortoises for young ones??if yes, can it be added to their daily meal or only once in a while ? Kindly respond this help will help the tortoises to have one variety added to their plate.. thank you, pics attached for...
  7. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Please suggest me what is this weed named and safe for star tortoise to eat

    Please suggest me what is this weed named and safe for star tortoise to eat, i have attached the images for your reference
  8. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Any herman tortoise supplier in India ???

    Hi, im looking for hermann tortoises in India, anyone has the leads or any suppliers please come across...
  9. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Substrate confusion for star tortoise baby

    After many research i found that i can use the coconut husk chips as a bedding for star tortoises enclosure, as i used coconut peat which is consumed by juneviniles i thought i can use the coconut husk chips, also i saw benefits of absorbing the poop and pee making fertile for some natural...
  10. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Thread for Indians and their tortoises & turtles

    Hi friends, Iam starting this thread for Indians, which means people who live in India and Indian locals who own tortoises and turtles. Motiv of this threads is not focus on Indians, but to get a better understanding on how to nurture tortoises and turtles according to Indian climate and Indian...
  11. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    How to create a group for particular people

    How do we create a particular group for tortoise owners from India,... feels better to know about own locality behaviour, food supply, habitat supply, habitat practice and everything about tortoise themselves. Hope I receive some help on this request.
  12. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Daily diet feed on romaine lettuce and bokchoy bad ??

    I own 4 beautiful geochelone elegans babies or juveniles... correct me what iam doing is right or wrong, if wrong please suggest to make it right. So im feeding them hibiscus leaves and flowers, romaine lettuce, bokchoy as a daily diet routine food diet for them,.. occasionally i feed them...
  13. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Where do i find Mazuri diet in India!!

    Does anyone knows where and how i can buy mazuri diet LS in India for my grassland tortoises.. also any suggestions for calcium carbonate combined with magnesium carbonate for dust for my tortoise. Please help me out friends.
  14. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Any keepers from India

    I would like start following India living friends who is keeping totoises to get in contact and touch for any kind of conversation for tortoises, please follow me friends.
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    Tortoise care - is plaster of pairs water dish toxic to Tortoises???

    Is plaster of paris toxic to tortoises??? As i have made a mini water dish using the plaster of paris mould. So whole water dish is made of plaster of paris and water will filled inside it where tortoises can enter inside the water dish and enjoy the pool. Is plaster of paris harmful or toxic...
  16. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Tortoise obedience training

    Guy guys tell me how to teach obedience to Tortoises... Bad boys at home just few months old they dont have any obedience. Ahitting everywhere sleeping everywhere eating in untime. Doing all mischievous works and habits. Please teach me how to teach my bad boys good habits.
  17. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Lil swimming pool for lil torts, water dish

    Water dish handmade.
  18. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Hand made hidebox for my baby tortoise

    Simple and cute hand made hidebox with heat insulation.
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    Tortoise hatching, yearling, Juvenile and adult, white powder urinates

    Is white powdered urinate is okay among hatchling, juvenile and adult tortoises?? Why do they discharge it and any particular reason,.. And how long they can continue to discharge white powder urniates? Any harmfulness going on inside the tortoise system? If yes how do we cure it? This thread...
  20. TortoiseAwarness& Conserv

    Comparision of burmese star and Indian star hatchling tortoise

    Hello Tortoise people, I wonder what are the possible ways to identify the comparison of Indiam star hatchling and Burmese Star hatclig tortoises. I feel very much confusing researching online but in real view its very tough to find out the correct. Please me out people this question resolves...