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  1. Eweezyfosheezy

    Leopard tortoise group 3.3

    I am selling my adult group of leopard tortoises. There are 3 males and 3 females. All 3 males are proven breeders and all 3 females have laid eggs. The biggest female is the only one that has produced babies at this time. I am located in Arizona and I will only do a local deal. I will not...
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    Some Gpb love

    Wow she looks fantastic!
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    4th Annual TTPG Conference

    I'll be at the show on Saturday, but I won't be able to make the TTPG conference.
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    Some Gpb love

    He/she is growing like a weed!!!
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    Male Ivory Sulcata

    He's right at 13" SCL and will be ready to breed by next Summer. I'm looking to get $1,200 for him, and right now I only want to do a local sale. He's completely healthy, but his beak does need a little trimming. You can PM me on here with any questions, but I'd much rather communicate...
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    Miniature sully or something else....???

    I know one passed but the rest (to my knowledge) are still living. I'd also give mazuri every day to him/her.
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    He wanted out the shell!

    Congrats man! Pacman is too cool!
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    Kenyan Babcocki Leopards

    Man this sucks, hope she pulls through for you!
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    My Marginata's

    All of them are beautiful. I love the 4th pic lol.
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    Miniature sully or something else....???

    Looks like a sulcata to me, I've seen a few sulcatas that small around the same age but they all had no access to UV. A name suggestion I have for him/her is Sandstone.
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    Make sure to post pics of your new baby when you can.
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    The Yellows Outdoor Enclosure!

    Great enclosure! Those are some bigguns. :)
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    Tortoise species 12 inch and under?

    RE: Tortoise breeds 12 inch and under? I would look into Russians, Marginateds, Hermanns, and Ibera Greeks. All are extremely cold hardy and all will stay under 12".
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    One of my sulcatas popped out an unusually large egg last year, and this is bfmorris' experience with them (although I don't know if he has any experience with red foot eggs) . "Unusual egg conformation and size, in just about every configuration imaginable, is not that uncommon. What is...
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    Top notch specimens! I'm jealous.
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    That's awesome man! Congrats!
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    Finally my Leopard Tortoise is eating!!!

    Try adding mazuri tortoise chow to her diet, optunia cactus pads are definitely a great food source as well.
  18. Eweezyfosheezy

    Video: Milly's food and head rubs.

    Very cute! She definitely isn't shy about eating in front of guests. :D
  19. Eweezyfosheezy

    I just bought a HUGE tortoise enclosure..

    If you're open to suggestions I say you put some nice sized leopard tortoises in there.
  20. Eweezyfosheezy

    Debating if I should

    I say go ahead and add another leopard.