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  1. TortGirl

    Happy Birthday! (02/13/10)

    Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes. I have been so busy lately, I haven't had any time to keep up with the forum. I am so excited to check out what has been happening with everyone's shelled ones.
  2. TortGirl

    new sulcata babies

    What little cuties! Congrats!
  3. TortGirl

    New little one

    What a little cutie!
  4. TortGirl

    Golden Greek Question

    Is it ok for a golden greek to eat a bit of an apple as a treat?
  5. TortGirl

    George's friend - FRANKIE

    They are adorable!
  6. TortGirl

    2008 CB Hermanns Tortoise

    I agree with Anja. I received a tortie from Danny a few months ago. She came DHL in great shape. She has been doing well. You can't go wrong getting a tort from Danny. =)
  7. TortGirl

    Bowser's yummy day out :)

    Bowser is so adorable! I love the photos. Looks like he had a great day outside.
  8. TortGirl

    Teiko is gone...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you did all that you could.
  9. TortGirl

    baby leopards

    If you are looking for a small reptile store you may want to check out Amazon Reptiles. They have a store in Covina and Montclair. My boyfriend bought a wood turtle from them almost a year ago. The turtle is doing great. Here is the website
  10. TortGirl

    Lost of baby Magnus

    So sorry to hear about Magnus. I know how it feels. I know he will be missed.
  11. TortGirl

    Keeping Things Interesting...

    Great pics! The maze looks awesome. Seems like the torties are enjoying themselves.
  12. TortGirl

    New to me

    Congrats! What great looking torts you got! =)
  13. TortGirl

    My Albino Babies

    Adorable! Lucky you!
  14. TortGirl

    Clarence the galopagos tort

    What a great looking tort. Looks like he really enjoyed the grapes!
  15. TortGirl

    leonidas the great

    Great photos. I love the blue eyes in the second pic. I really like the last pic. It would make a great calendar addition.
  16. TortGirl

    Greek - Indoor Temp

    Thanki. I will move the basking lamp down.
  17. TortGirl

    Greek - Indoor Temp

    Her cool side is about 75. The warm side is 80. The temp under her heat lamp is 85. The heat/uvb bulb and the florescent bulb are on from 7am to 7pm. The humidity is between 30 on the cool side and 45-50 on the warm side. Should I move the heat lamp down lower to make her warm side warmer?
  18. TortGirl

    Low Humidity

    What would be the optimal humidity for a Greek?
  19. TortGirl

    Greek - Indoor Temp

    As the winter is coming and the temps in the High Desert have gotten down to somewhere in the 30's at night I wanted to make sure that I have good temps for my little tortie. I have my house temp set at 70 at night and the heater does kick on. Is that too low for the tortie? I am assuming that...
  20. TortGirl

    Hashbrown the pancake tortoise

    I love the name! So adorable. Congrats!