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  1. Leopard Jill

    Leopard Water Pool

    Hi my leopard has outgrown his water bowl, any ideas where to get an extra large one (40cm) as the ones I’ve found online only go up to 30cm. I’m in the UK .
  2. Leopard Jill

    2 year old leopard

    Hi looking for advice... recently moved my 2 year old leopard into a new house ... temp under lamp around 90 degrees , humidity 51% and temp away from lamp 80 degrees . Is this ok ? What should I be aiming for please? It’s an enclosed house with glass roof .
  3. Leopard Jill

    Heat and humidity

    I'm getting really confused between conflicting info .... HELP ! I'm moving my year old leopard from tortoise table to an enclosed vicarious with a hide . Could someone experienced tell me is the following correct regarding heat and humidity : In the Hide : 80% humidity and temperature...
  4. Leopard Jill

    Vivarium set-up Leopard Tortoise

    Hi there I was advised by another member that my baby leopard ( a year old) looks like he is in too-dry a set-up. So im now moving him to a vivarium instead of the tortoise table in order to rectify this I hope! Could anyone give me some advice on getting the temp and humidity right please? We...
  5. Leopard Jill

    Hello from Slash !

    Thank You !
  6. Leopard Jill

    Hello from Slash !

    I have a 10 month old Leopard Tortoise called Slash, i've had Slash since August and he/she seems to be doing well. Just wanted some advice on feeding - trying to give a varied diet ( spring greens, watercress, courgette, cucumber, dandelion leaves, romaine hearts, plus a dried tortoise food...
  7. Leopard Jill

    New to the Forum! I have a 10 month old Leopard tortoise name of Slash.

    New to the Forum! I have a 10 month old Leopard tortoise name of Slash.