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  1. WillB

    Do I still need basking light when it's hot?

    Thanks for all the insights, the more I learn the more I feel like husbandry turns to be “it depends “ but you gotta use your best judgment and general best practice!
  2. WillB

    My wife was skeptical at first when I bought my first tortoise but now she’s attached to him/her...

    My wife was skeptical at first when I bought my first tortoise but now she’s attached to him/her as much as me! It’s such a joy to have a tortoise 🐢
  3. WillB

    Do I still need basking light when it's hot?

    Thanks Tom, I'll adjust the basking bulb to be higher. Appreciate it!
  4. WillB

    Do I still need basking light when it's hot?

    Hi all, Now that the weather is getting warmer. My indoor enclosure is around 85-90 w/o a 80w basking light and reach upwards of mid 90s in the enclosure and ~105-110 under the basking plate if I have the basking light on. Do I still need to turn on the basking light or should I turn it off...
  5. WillB

    How do you "vacation"?

    My wife and I plan our vacations by the hour and we try to cram as much stuff in our schedule as we can. Always have backup plans if things didn’t go as planned. FREE BREAKFAST is a must for me when it comes to hotels. Other than that we don’t usually use any other amenities hotels provide.
  6. WillB

    Egyptians become an ESA listed species

    I was initially thinking of getting an Egyptian many years down the line given that they're a small species. But oh well! I don't think there's many Egyptian breeders in NY even if there are they're going to cost an arm and a leg.
  7. WillB

    Buying a Herman. Please suggest sellers!

    I’ve bought my tortoise from Tortstork. I think he has a couple hatchlings available. Randy the owner is really responsive and accommodating in answering all your questions before you decide as well as showing you pictures of the tortoise. @shellfreak I’d highly recommend!
  8. WillB

    Tortoise Waking Up Later and Later

    I have multiple cable ties tied to the top in addition to the clamp for the lights out of abundance of caution because I’ve read horror stories of unfortunate incidents in the forum!
  9. WillB

    Tortoise Waking Up Later and Later

    Picture of the set up
  10. WillB

    Tortoise Waking Up Later and Later

    Thanks @Yvonne G & @Tom , I'll bump the temperature up and give that a try! Its certainly getting colder here in NYC. The basking area is around 100 when its on but I'll raise the ambient temp on my CHE to 85 and see if that helps. He sometimes just stay in his hide, wouldn't that mean its...
  11. WillB

    Tortoise Waking Up Later and Later

    Hi all, I've a 5 month Indian Star Hatchling and he/she has been steadily waking up later and later. When I first got him he wakes up & comes out of his hide 10 min after the light is turned on (7:00AM) but now he gets out around 10:00AM. He still sleeps around 5~6PM. Is this normal or...
  12. WillB

    Chicken Feet?

    Definitely doesn’t know whether it’s suitable to feed them or not. However as a side note chicken feet has quite a few tendons and ligaments compared to other parts of chicken (meaning they are much chewier ) for your consideration. Also make sure their nails are removed if they haven’t been...
  13. WillB

    Photo check

    Welcome to the forum! I’ve a 4 month old Indian star and he/she also doesn’t have the lines connecting. However I’ve seen new growth and patterns emerge as time goes on so looks wise I don’t think it’s an issue as that’s a beautiful tort! First is how mine looks now vs when it was with the breeder
  14. WillB

    Online Lush Hibiscus Plant

    As far as I know hibiscus is a perennial plant and should last quite awhile given proper care and will prob grow much bigger if you repot it to your garden if you have one. It may not last long if Artemis is a fan of hibiscus !
  15. WillB

    Online Lush Hibiscus Plant

    Thanks for the reminder! I've washed the leaves with running water and then soaking it before feeding but re-potting and waiting for new growth is obviously the safer way to go. Appreciate it.
  16. WillB

    Online Lush Hibiscus Plant

    Happy Friday everyone. I want to share with everyone the most recent hibiscus plant I bought from Amazon. The American Plant Exchange Hibiscus plant arrived well packaged and LUSH in January here in NYC(its mid 40s here)! The cost is $25 but the plant is in a big pot and looked healthy and has...
  17. WillB

    What you like about tortoises?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start a thread about what made YOU interested in owning a tortoise in the first place and what made you like them more after owning them? I'll start, I always wanted a tortoise because of their longevity and (mostly) calm demeanor. Now that I have an Indian star...
  18. WillB

    Is this tortoise house okay?

    It should be fine. For a list of acceptable plants you can either look through the forum or use (they also have an app) that has a list of plants you can feed to your tortoise, variety is always better.
  19. WillB

    Is this tortoise house okay?

    Welcome to the forum! For seed mixes Zellajake Farm from amazon is not bad. Many different sizes for your preference and they germinate fairly well. For bigger portions I recently bought from which is growing...
  20. WillB

    Inflation spurts vs. your placement on the life cycle

    Thought I pitch in as I now realize I’m part of the much younger (late 20s) and newer member in the forum. Very interesting and thoughtful to read everyone's different experiences! Living in nyc, I’ve certainly seen a fair share of price increases recently especially on rent where some landlords...