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  1. HermanniChris

    Baby Greek humidity needs

    April, @SweetGreekTorts gave you good advice. Follow that and it looks like you’re doing well. As stated in my care guide, don’t keep it warm at night, and let that humidity build/adjust itself. Lid off during the day and allow it to dry up a bit. The keys are cooler nights and high humidity...
  2. HermanniChris

    help identify

    Testudo graeca terrestris.
  3. HermanniChris

    Eastern or Western??

    The shell of a western is actually much different and some easterns can be very colorful. As babies it isn’t easy but once they grow up it’s as clear as day.
  4. HermanniChris

    Eastern or Western??

    Eastern all the way.
  5. HermanniChris

    Ayanda & Neo Update

    They’re inside from October to April and outside the rest of the time. Thanks man.
  6. HermanniChris

    Garden State Tortoise- Just In Time For The Holidays

    Garden State Tortoise Merchandise is NOW AVAILABLE. Use this link to view and shop our online store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/gardenstatetort/og-shop?fbclid=IwAR11GcsnE4ttSzE44FozmGayBAMK-PTujK9iHr6m-ERg3mdW09LGsDeyjdM&asc=u Our logos (8 styles) feature 7 different iconic turtle and...
  7. HermanniChris

    One of the babies died suddenly

    Cristian and I are in contact regarding this tortoise’s death, as to why it perished suddenly after 3 months.
  8. HermanniChris

    Hermann's, or ?

    It’s a he and it is a Greek tortoise, no question about it.
  9. HermanniChris

    Ayanda & Neo Update

    A November 2019 update on Ayanda and Neo. Ayanda is now 20 months old and Neo is 14 months old. Both are doing absolutely incredible and growing immensely.
  10. HermanniChris

    Exploding Eggs (Hermann’s)

    I apologize for the delays in getting to the posts I’ve been tagged in but ever since the TFO app went down, I haven’t been able to see the tags without thinking to log in via the web. I’ll do my best to get to all. Regarding this situation: Are you sure your eggs are fertile? I ask because...
  11. HermanniChris

    Herman's Hibernation poop HELP!!!!

    Hermanni can and do defecate during the early part of brumation so if all else looks well, I see no need to worry.
  12. HermanniChris

    Sub species help please

    100% a hybrid between 2 different types Testudo graeca. There’d be no way to be sure of the exact make up without DNA testing.
  13. HermanniChris

    Sub species help please

    It looks to be a possible mix but clearer, additional photos are needed to make a better assessment.
  14. HermanniChris

    Hermann's Tortoise Subspecies ID Help!

    Certainly a pure eastern (T. h. boettgeri). Beautiful animal.
  15. HermanniChris

    Diamondback Terrapin Rescue

    Thank you!
  16. HermanniChris

    Diamondback Terrapin Rescue

    Yes, haha. My wife runs a major diamondback terrapins project for New Jersey fish and wildlife. We also handle terrapin confiscations and rescues. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner and sorry if anyone tried reaching out to me. I’ve been off the grid slightly and have missed a lot of messages.
  17. HermanniChris


    Without any single doubt it’s a Blanding’s turtle. Feel free to email me at [email protected], I can forward you some articles I’ve written about them which includes details on cars, natural history, breeding and myths.
  18. HermanniChris

    What kind of tortoise am I?

    Desert tortoise all the way. The iris is the dead giveaway on this.
  19. HermanniChris

    Please help me identify this breed

    Yep it’s 100% a male eastern Hermann’s
  20. HermanniChris

    Could you please help me identify my tortoise

    It’s a Greek, Testudo graeca terrestris to be exact.