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    Welcome. You came to the right place for support and the correct info.
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    Hermann lighting

    The 100 watt basking bulb. If it's a mercury vapor bulb, don't use it. You need an incandescent flood bulb for basking. The tube florescent for uvb And Ceramic heat emitter for any needed night heat You can add another tube florescent if you want or any regular incandescent light.
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    Information about indoor grass growing

    Get yourself like 3 or 4 low sided trays more if you want, that you can plant the grass in. Then as they sprout enough grass, put one of the tags in with your tort. Once he has eaten or trampled it, switch it out for another one and replant in the one you just took out. Getting sod though, is...
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    A Warning About Rats Even INDOORS

    Wow, that's scary they got in your house. Rats don't scare me, but in my house, I may have burnt the house down lol. So very sorry this happened, how horrible for all of you. I have rats that gets in my chicken coop.and tortoise shed. I think because there is always food of some sort in both...
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    Underwater Sulcata!?

    @Tom I believe if you let this continue she eventually will drown. The tunnel/hide should be made to not flood from rains. A hurricane or heavy tropical storm, you should pull her out too. See what Tom says.
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    Is my tortoise beginning to get sick?

    No intense bulbs A tube florescent An incandescent flood Ceramic emitter if/when more heat needed The 2x2 is way to small to get correct temps. You really need to find a way to get a bigger enclosure or rehome him to someone that can properly take care of him.
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    Is my tortoise beginning to get sick?

    That small of an enclosure is too hard to get the correct temps. No it's not normal and is very wrong.
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    Our new Redfooted raised enclosure with a flushing toilet... yep thats right

    I also hate to disappoint, but a 4x8 is not big enough for a RF unless it's a young one. An adult will need a lot more room, like a large yard or large room size enclosure. It looks nice though.
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    You need to still improve his care greatly. His outdoor enclosure looks good but your inside care not so good. 70 is too cold for a sulcata. please read caresheets and improve things. Stop using the cream the vet gave you and up the humidity and temps. Do not use a mercury vapor bulb. You...
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    They just look like dry spots to me and some new growth. Nothing a cream will heal, but husbandry may need tweaking. I wouldn't trust the vet again though. What is the humidity? How large is he and how old? What size enclosure does he live in? What are the temps, all over, basking, night? What...
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    Enclosure upgrades/ Decor ideas

    They need the room to roam and exercise to keep legs and inners working right. Only one hide is needed, not multiple. Rocks can cause them to flip which can be deadly. Add flat rock to walk over, not climb over. Plants will work too, just don't use big pots that will take up space. Placing...
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    Enclosure upgrades/ Decor ideas

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    Shell Rot? Red-Eared Slider

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    Young hermanns

    One temp is not okay. Needs a basking light, use an incandescent flood bulb for basking that reaches temp at tortoise height of 95-100. All over temp during the day should be 75-80 and night temps in the 70's. A fluorescent tube light for uvb. Water should be available 24/7 in a low sided...
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    Hermann substrate

    Orchid bark/fir bark or coconut coir or combo of both.
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    Lorenzo pistachio ! My little cutie

    Very cute. Be sure to follow the care info on this forum. So much of the care out there is wrong and outdated.
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    Dallas, Texas, a very dear neighbor of mine reached out to me; any one knows whom she/he belongs?

    It's a sulcata. Tell the people that found it to inform local animal rescues, vet clinics and pet stores. Also check their local neighborhood nextdoor forum. Be sure they give him/her a low sided dish of water, we recommend clay saucers. They can feed her greens, orchard grass hay for now but...
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    Help! - injured three toed box turlte overnight care?

    Sounds like you have it covered. Keep her warm but be sure she isn't stuck under a heat light, that she can't move away from. Do not use any more iodine, its okay for a one time use but using it too much delays healing. Be sure all the maggots are gone. Check in and around tail and legs, if...
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    New RT owner - habitat feedback wanted

    The UV only needs to be on for 2-4 hours a day. And no, it doesn't hurt to have two basking lights if it's needed for heat and light.