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  1. biochemnerd808

    Need Solutions for 11 Baby Torts

    Wow, best of luck to you with these little ones! One thing I might suggest, to prevent an ever growing yard population: look which adult(s) is male, and place them back out into nature away from the community. Since they were originally wild, they should be OK. Maybe not this Fall, but once it...
  2. biochemnerd808

    At what temps do you bring your Russian inside (or turn on night box heater)?

    I don't do anything as long as night temps are above 50°F. We still have warm afternoons that warm to 85-90°F. The Russian tortoises are more active with cooler nights like this than they have been all Summer. Eating, drinking, walking around. This doesn't work in all climates, but for us, they...
  3. biochemnerd808

    Found hingeback in Houston, TX

    Not my posting. Someone in a FB group I'm in has found a hingeback (Kinyxis) in their yard.
  4. biochemnerd808

    Pure SPP leopard tortoise, 18 months old

    This beautiful 1.5 year old, 550g pure SPP leopard tortoise needs a new home. Known parents feom a reputable breeder. I raised it from 1 week old, and it's smooth and perfect. It spent the first year in a closed chamber, high humidity habitat. Daily soaks, natural UV during warm season...
  5. biochemnerd808

    17 month old mixed genetics leopard SPP/SPB

    In an effort to simplify my life, I've decided to sell this well started, smooth, beautiful, extra dark mixed genetics leopard tortoise hatched by Byron Pitre. It's father is pure SPP, mother is SPB/SPP mix. Should be a pet, not a breeder, in the interest of keeping the gene pool orderly...
  6. biochemnerd808

    Dark dark dark leopard!

    Does the outdoor Redfoot habitat have enough hiding opportunities? Tortoises don't like feeling exposed. I plant lots of things (rosemary, lavender, grass bushels, small bushes like rose of sharon) in addition to the weeds and flowers I seed. And I lean logs up against rocks so there are areas...
  7. biochemnerd808

    Heya 🐢

    Heya 🐢
  8. biochemnerd808

    Baby Russian Tortoise

    Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you are doing your research. Several baby RT care sheets are pinned at the top of this section. They will help you set up the habitat with proper lighting, substrate, and hot humid hide. My friend @BeeZee1 has several baby tortoises available, you should contact...
  9. biochemnerd808

    My Leos

    Beautiful tortoises! I'm so glad you were able to transition them to eating healthy food. It's rewarding to see them thrive!
  10. biochemnerd808

    Dark dark dark leopard!

    Excellent question. It's SCL is 5". In many climates (dry climates) I would absolutely agree with you. However, we live in humid (so humid! 95% on many days) Central Arkansas where you can practically swim through our air. As long as night temps are over 75, there is no reason not to have it...
  11. biochemnerd808

    Dark dark dark leopard!

    This little one is turning out to be SO dark! I love the coloring. Its neck has some amazing marbling on it, too. I'm curious what it will look like fully grown. Whether it will continue dark, or end up with more light coming in? 19 months old, outside 24/7 since May this year. Before that, in a...
  12. biochemnerd808

    Good hatching year!

    My little crew has had a good hatching year so far! 1 month old to 3 days here. 3 different clutches. All of them are CB2, second generation captive. We left on a road trip for 17 days, and 2 more eggs hatched during that time. I had placed 3 more eggs in a separate bin on moist paper towels...
  13. biochemnerd808

    Can Russian Tortoises Live Outdoors 24/7?

    Hi there, neighbor. We live in Central Arkansas. My Russian tortoises live outside 24/7 from about April until October. As long as temps are over 50°F and it's not windy and wet, they are outside. Watch for Springtime night freezes. This summer we didn't get over 108°F. Last year it went to...
  14. biochemnerd808

    Problems with my Russian tortoise

    Thank you for seeking to learn, and being willing to make changes for your tortoise's wellbeing.
  15. biochemnerd808

    My pure SPP

    Phoebe is thriving outside! I moved her out there 24/7 in April from the closed chamber. She (ok, might be a he) is growing so much. I'm dreading winter, because she is used to roaming a whole big area outside that is more than twice the winter habitat. I got her at 1 weeks old weighing 22g...
  16. biochemnerd808

    Looking to be a good tortoise owner

    Thank you for tagging mr, @Tom. @MKoz I LOVE that you are doing research first. If you get a baby tortoise, initially you will be OK with a smaller habitat. A 55gal sterilite bin ($30 ish at Target or Home Depot) works well, with holes cut for the cables etc. - then after the first year or when...
  17. biochemnerd808

    8 itty bitty RT eggs.

    Well, 3 of the 8 tiny eggs hatched. I got 3 perfect babies weighing 7.8, 8.3, and 9 grams. Here are the 3 small babies and a 2-week-old normal sized baby enjoying some sun and an okra leaf. 4 of the tiny eggs weren't fertile, and 1 that got veins stopped developing and dried up internally...
  18. biochemnerd808

    17 month old leopard tortoise SPB/SPP mixy

    I have a beautiful, nearly 400g yearling+ leopard tortoise available. I got it at 2 months old from a TX breeder who soaks their babies daily. I also soaked daily and have raised it in a high humidity closed chamber, fed on weeds and garden greens and grass. Good eater, friendly, used to...
  19. biochemnerd808

    5 eggs in the first RT egg clutch of the year

    First hatch of the season happened yesterday! 14g of perfect little grumpy face. Going to raise this year's babies to 100g, as usual, before finding them new homes. I'm not adding to my wait list right now, since these little ones won't be available until Spring 2024.
  20. biochemnerd808

    Incubating a broken egg

    Well, that went nowhere, fast. This morning there was a big old hairy glob of mold growing on the yolk, so I threw it away. It was worth a try.