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    hatchling help!

    thanks, although they have never really hid, they put themselves to sleep under the lamp etc and did at the place before we got them. They just seem to eat have a bit of wander and sleep, and spend most of the day there before putting themselves to bed! okay thanks, the difference can be...
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    hatchling help!

    hiya, new owner to 2 spur thigh hatchlings. we've had them about 2 weeks now, and they're about 9 weeks old! They seem to spend a lot of time under the lamp and not so much time moving around, is this normal? also how do you accurately measure basking temps, do you use a probe thermometer to...
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    New owner, need some advice!

    Hiya! I'm a new tortoise owner to 2 Mediterranean spur-thigh hatchlings, and I'm after some advice about basking temps. We have a combi bulb in their table, and have a digital probe thermometer directly under the lamp on the substrate, we also have a laser heat gun. The temps measured on the...