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    What was your first turtle or tortoise ever?

    Mine was an Alligator Snapping turtle, Ive been hooked on them ever since I got this book as a kid about reptiles, and it had a real big fold-out page with a huge picture of a hunting Alligator snapper. It's been my favorite turtle ever since. :)
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    Just heard of this species!

    Has anyone ever seen a Parrot Beaked Tortoise? I just saw one for the first time today, and it blew me away! Stunning coloration on these guys!
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    Don't buy torts from pet stores!

    I say don't buy tortoises from petstores (or turtles) because they simply don't care, they just see animals as money. At my local PetCo, they sell Red-Eared Sliders. I've seen the conditions they keep them in. They keep around fifteen turtles, each badly pyramided in their own special way...
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    Alligator Snappers is where I get mine, he's a really cool guy, too.
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    Hermit Crabs

    If you want a hermit crab to come out of his shell, turn him upside down and breathe warm air on his legs.
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    TortoiseForum Chat Room?

    Yeah, that'd be neat.
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    Ice cold New Hampshire!
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    Inactive Hatchling

    I think hatchlings do sleep alot, and he may still be getting used to his little enclosure. Does it look like he has trouble moving?
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    YAY! Happy Birthday!
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    what gender are THESE?

    I would have said the first is male, the bottom female.
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    Same here, looks almost like that side of his head didn't develop as well. I don't know much about tortoises, though, so I kept my trap shut. Now if the knowledgeable fellas say it, though...I agree. :)
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    Go Tort Go!

    This video made me laugh so hard. Poor little guy just wanted his tomato. :(
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    Meet Kumi

    Lol, That photo of him getting out of his little car is the greatest thing I've seen all day.
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    The smallest tortoise in the world!

    Smallest- Probably Rarest- Nope. I believe 'Lonesome George' holds that title, he is the very last of his species, poor guy...:(
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    perhaps because he has one eye open, he lacks depth perception. It could be very similar to a human wearing an eyepatch.
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    TFo T-Shirt Pics

    I thought the santa was real for a while, then I realized he had a plastic face, lol.
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    any tfo geocachers?

    Me and my brother geocache, it's pretty neat! It's amazing that they can be somewhere you've been thousands of times before, yet you never know they're there.
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    We got snow! Oh No!!!

    Upwards of two and a half feet down here, nearly seven foot banks. There's NH for you, though.
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    New Christmas Housing

    I like how Comet's shell is almost perfectly round. She looks like a happy little Tort ball! :)
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    Need opinion ASAP

    Female? The tail looks female to me, because of how small it is compared to the rest of the tort. The plastron looks as if it's pushed out a little, like in females, because they don't need to mount. Hope it helps!