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    August 3rd birthday

    Thanks everyone! Turdboy is doing well :) Enjoying the warm so cal days, grazing away! he moved back into his summer dig about a month back... and probably wont go back into his heated house for a good 3 months. attaced a pic of him doing what he does best.... EATING!!!
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    sulcata tortoise died

    I'm so sorry :(
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    wounded sulcata

    its also used on dogs and cats. no other advise on what to look for etc?
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    wounded sulcata

    It looks like he caught it on something... probably climing around the garden. there are no other wounds on him, no bite marks. Its just one of the big scales gone. It was dry looking, no flies on it. the spay i use on the horses, it seems to have a nasty taste to the files, as it keeps them...
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    wounded sulcata

    Hey guys, when feeding turdboy today, i noticed one of his spurs from the front of his front leg was missing and it was all red. I assume in the wild they are fine with this type of wound, but i have sprayed it with blu-kote (vetrinary antiseptic and protective wound dressing i use on the...
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    too much humidity?

    The question came to me from a gal in Hawaii.... so very hot & humid and no ac. Thanks for clearing up the humidity question. Since they come from the dry Sahara desert... I was concerned with too much humidity being a problem :)
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    too much humidity?

    I have a question... for someone who lives in a tropical enviorment, thats totally humid, can this be a problem for a sulcata? Can too much humidity cause respritory problems, should the baby be soaked less than in a dry climate, and should the substrate be made more sandy? (i guess that was...
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    Sulcatas availbe in Indiana?

    pm me your email address?
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    Sulcatas availbe in Indiana?

    Thank you... i've forwarded your info to them!
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    Sulcata greens link...

    sure, now the link works LOL, but thats not the website i was looking for to get the seeds!
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    Sulcata greens link...

    Howdie I used to have a link where you could buy seeds to plant for the sulcatas... different greens, hays etc. i thought it was, but the link isn't working. Does anyone have any links to websites that sell seed mixes for sulcatas?
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    Sulcatas availbe in Indiana?

    Hello I was asked on my website if I knew anywhere that they can find a sulcata for adoption in Indiana. I've been searching but no luck, does anyone here know of any listings? I am waiting for an answer as to the gender and age they are looking for. Any help would be great :)
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    Camera showing off.. tort food

    have to hide these pics from turdboy, he'd want to eat the laptop! LOL very pretty.
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    Anyone Having to Bring Torts Inside?

    fortunatly no... at 92lbs, i'd have no house left LOL in the heat of so cal, he spends most of his days laying flat out in the dirt under the eucaplytus tree. He has a big hole dug out there too, its always cool for him. We also make a big watering hole for him to cool off in :)
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    Marking your sulcata...

    Wowzers! Cancer :( (mental note: no dog chips or tort chips!) I dont think i'd want to epozy, wouldnt it mess up the growth of the shell? for now, i'm sticking with a marks-a-lot permanent marker LOL
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    3 Sulcatas

    Cute! i was looking at the smooth shells too :) What zoo is this drgnfly?
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    My little sulcata adopted from TF member

    hahahhaaaa great first photo!!! love the size difference! such a little cutie in the other pics... it seems like forever ago turdboy was that size!
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    Sulcata Station

    FYI everyone... sulcata station is back online :)
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    Got Flashed today!

    LOL!!! i've yet to see this, hubby has a couple of times, but i guess when turdboy prefers to show off his stuff its the mid afternoon and i'm not home