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  1. Scm133

    UVB Light

    Ready to order an UVB bulb for my 6 year old Russian. I always get a new one for her enclosure every 6 months. I have used the PowerSun 100watt and the Mega Ray in the past. Any new or better ones out there, or just get one of those? She stays outside during the day when warm, but inside during...
  2. Scm133

    Craigslist: Rome,GA

    I saw this on Craigslist, and wanted to pass it on. These beauties deserve a good home. You can contact the owner Clint Wilder @ 678-778-6768. FOR SALE: MALE & FEMALE (PAIR) SULCATA TORTOISES - $800 about the tortoises (also known as African...
  3. Scm133

    Need to Re-Home

    Are they still available?
  4. Scm133

    The baby has arrived!

    Beautiful!!! How old is he/she?
  5. Scm133

    Milo Update @ 1 year and 9 months

    Well, we hit the 6 pound mark, and he is 9.5 inches. His personality has definitely come out. I keep him in his outdoor enclosure during the day, but we have a new routine. Before I bring him in, I will give him free roam of the fenced backyard. He follows me around the yard, and occasionally...
  6. Scm133

    Clarification on Housing My Sulcata outdoors at night....please (:

    Thanks, Tom! What temperature am I aiming for in the outside house?
  7. Scm133

    Clarification on Housing My Sulcata outdoors at night....please (:

    Ok, maybe I need to rephrase this. What is the acceptable temp range for their outdoor house?
  8. Scm133

    Clarification on Housing My Sulcata outdoors at night....please (:

    Milo is 20 months. He weighs 5.2 lbs and is 9". I have a house set up in his outdoor enclosure, but I have a few questions. I am in Florida, so our temps are 88-68. If I lock him in his outdoor house at night with hay, do I need to keep his temps at 80 degrees, or will the 68 night temps be ok...
  9. Scm133

    Scratched a hole in the side of his tortoise table/home.....

    He does his normal scratching in a corner when settling down at night. The hole that he scratched in the wall was in the middle. He did it intentionally after it got cold, and he was not able to go outside. It has warmed up a bit, and I have been able to get him out for a few hours. He is...
  10. Scm133

    Scratched a hole in the side of his tortoise table/home.....

    Yes, I put two ZooMed Tortoise tables together. I am now seeing how super thin the walls really are. We are going to hot glue tile to the walls for now. Praying for spring to get here fast!!
  11. Scm133

    Scratched a hole in the side of his tortoise table/home.....

    I knew this winter would be the last time that Milo would be kept in his tortoise table. It is 6' x 2'. Milo is only 3 lbs, but he is a mighty one! Today he has successfully scratched through a wall of his enclosure. I am planning his outside heated box, but was really surprised to find that...
  12. Scm133


    Such a big change from one year ago. We are having some beautiful weather in Florida. Milo has been out in his green, luscious pen during the day, but when I am outside, I will let him out to free roam. He is like a tortoise on steriods. So funny to watch him zoom around. There is nothing but...
  13. Scm133

    Milo is 1 year and 2 months!!

    It has been awhile since I updated Milo. He is now 1 year and 2 months. 2.28 pounds & 7 inches long. He spent most of his waking hours this summer, outside. He is now spending about half that time in the last few weeks due to the cooler weather.
  14. Scm133

    ZOOMED Digital UV Index Radiometer This is a good article on the difference in the two solar meters.
  15. Scm133

    MILO is 9 months old!!

    Not quite a one pounder...but getting close. Weighs 447 and is now 5 inches. Now that our weather is perfect, he spends most of the time outside. He is brought in before it gets dark to his nice inside home.
  16. Scm133

    Please clarify outside time for my sulcata

    I just want to be sure I am doing everything right for Milo. I live in Florida, and our temps have been nice and warm...85ish. And of course the humidity is, well....Florida. I have been putting Milo in his outside enclosure for 5-6 hours daily. He is 8 months and 4.5 inches, and 370 grams. Is...
  17. Scm133

    Plant ID in South Florida

    Just curious since I live in Florida.....did you find out what it is?
  18. Scm133

    Milo is 7 months old!!

    Thanks! He stays out from 12 to 4 when the weather is warm. I am going to have my hands full when he gets bigger. When I come out at 4, he literally runs from me!! Little stinker can move fast when he wants! GulfCoastGeckos
  19. Scm133

    Milo is 7 months old!!

    Another good month!! Milo is finally able to get outside for 4 hours each day, when the weather is nice. He is 291 grams ( 10.26 ounces) and measures 4.5 inches. It is hard to believe that he was only 1 ounce seven months ago!!