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  1. PollyAda

    Hello! Help needed

    Fantastic. How lovely for your Mum. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. Little and often is probably the right way to go, well done!
  2. PollyAda

    Hello! Help needed

    Given his age, he has likely had some kind of oil applied to his carapace which has blackened over time. This video shows you how to go about removing it safely if you wanted to have a go
  3. PollyAda

    Help needed with large enclosure

    You can buy pop up greenhouses that will go over the top depending on the size of your table. The lights can be suspended from the top bar of the frame. You might need to suspend the frame if your table is on legs. If you make your own then you'll still need to construct a frame of sorts to...
  4. PollyAda

    New Home Needed - Scotland UK

    The Tortoise Protection Group should be able to help you
  5. PollyAda

    Meet the Greek, Hercules

    I just love Greeks, what a beauty you have there. 24" minimum for vivarium height I would say.
  6. PollyAda

    Help with Horsefield Tortoise 🐢

    Is it a large vivarium? 40c is high, so if thats the ambient temperature in a small space then that might be a concern. Yoshi will need to be able to move away from the basking spot to shade, and have deep damp substrate so that he can bury himself. I'd be using an infrared temperature gun to...
  7. PollyAda

    Hi from the UK.

    Have you considered Western Hermann's (Testudo Hermanni Hermanni)? An equally eye catching species that are relatively small in size. Often sold commercially as 'Dwarf Hermann's' here in the UK, and commonly (and incorrectly) described as the smallest tortoise species.
  8. PollyAda

    Trimming tortoise beak and claws?

    I'd opt for cuttlefish bone over the branded reptile calcium blocks.
  9. PollyAda

    Parasitic Prevention/Treatment?

    Cuttle bone in the enclosure for additional calcium is good, although they may only use it occasionally. That being said, most of mine like their cuttlebone and use it regularly, so it depends on the tortoise! I find changing the cuttlebone out every little while if not eaten helps as they seem...
  10. PollyAda

    Parasitic Prevention/Treatment?

    Such a lovely tortoise, thanks for the photos. Dante looks to be an Eastern Hermann's - does the tip of the tail have a small horn? I think I can make one out from the photo. There are many subspecies of Greek tortoises (Mediterranean Spur Thigh) but they do not have horns on their tails. They...
  11. PollyAda

    Parasitic Prevention/Treatment?

    A few more photos of the tortoise (back legs, tail and plastron) will help with species identification.
  12. PollyAda

    Hermann’s and Russian

    No is the simplest answer! Your feeling is correct. Different species need to be kept separately.
  13. PollyAda

    My pure SPP

  14. PollyAda

    Are you "even"?

    "Leaving all of life's junk at the surface" - love that, Karen. There are some very articulate and insightful members on this forum.
  15. PollyAda

    Tort aggression?

    You'll find this thread very helpful as it'll answer a lot of initial questions:
  16. PollyAda

    Identification help.

    Welcome! There doesn't seem to be a horn on the end of the tail which a Hermann's tortoise would have. If there are 'spurs' on the inner thighs (I can't quite tell from the photos) then it's likely a Greek tortoise, although I'm unsure on the subspecies. The tortoise looks like it's being kept...
  17. PollyAda

    Is my baby healthy?

    Lovely little tortoise! I don't see anything concerning with the carapace. The slight ridge you might be referring to is normal. Do you have separate bulbs for the UVA (heat) and UVB? The UVB does not need to be on for 12 hours. We are aiming to replicate the sun, therefore peak UVB would be...
  18. PollyAda

    Scammed? I feel sick.

    Aren't their rules that prohibit the sale of animals between individuals on Facebook? If they don't have a registered business with website/storefront then you could likely report the seller to Facebook. Whether or not they would take any action is another matter...
  19. PollyAda

    Please Help me indentify my new tortoise!

    I had to zoom in. No obvious horn on tip of tail either
  20. PollyAda

    Please Help me indentify my new tortoise!

    Sweet tortoise. I think I can see spurs on the inner thighs - if so then you likely have a Greek tortoise. Not sure on subspecies.