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  1. JenC

    Tortoise table for sale

    Sorry…bad pic
  2. JenC

    Tortoise table for sale

    I have an approximately 4 ft. long tortoise table i no longer have a use for. It is a two person job to carry- heavy. Good shape. Could use new stain from being in the Sun. $75 obo. I am in the Austin, TX/Horseshoe Bay Area. Pick up only
  3. JenC

    Looking for Radiated Tortoise Hatchlings in TEXAS

    I’m in Texas. I have an approximately 21/2 year old. All paperwork, tortoise table and indoor table. Very healthy.
  4. JenC

    Young Radiated Tortoise for sale-$

    Very healthy growing approx. three year old baby. I’m very sad to say I am being forced out of my rental home and will not have a yard anymore. I have all paperwork-lineage info. Texas residents only. I am near Austin, TX. Tortoise table, lights and outdoor enclosure included. $2000. I can send...
  5. JenC

    Radiated tortoises

    Sure! Can you private message me? I’ll send you pics tonight
  6. JenC

    Radiated tortoises

    I may be selling my 2.5 year old. I’m in Central TX
  7. JenC

    Family "ghost" stories?

    I was on vacation in Hawaii (Oahu). We were leaving next day and needed to get an odd shaped box for a mirror we bought we were taking home. Went to Public Storage off the freeway. Next to building was what was left of an old Cemetary. It was abandoned and was overgrown. Had a chain link fence...
  8. JenC

    Ryan over at Southern Reptiles

    Welcome! How exciting!!!! So special. I have one. He/She? is an eating machine. I’m in Texas :) Congrats!!!!
  9. JenC

    Any Radiata KEEPERS Interested in Adding Their Name to our State List???

    I am close to Austin. My baby is about two now :)
  10. JenC

    Need help save my radiated tortoise

    I am so sorry. They are family. Thank you for doing all you can do.....
  11. JenC

    Our Power is Out ?

    This is crazy the ice and snow we’re getting! Thank God for some reason we still have heat and water. My 78 year old Mom has been here....trapped with her is making me bonkers!!! Glad she’s here, but....I should’ve stockpiled the wine ?
  12. JenC

    Single mingle thread

    Rob Lowe must have a good sense of humor?
  13. JenC

    Single mingle thread

  14. JenC

    Single mingle thread

  15. JenC

    Kapidolo Farms

    I just received my first order of dried assorted foods from Kapidolo Farms. What a relief! It’s getting too cold to grow outside and I was getting worried about getting the proper foods for my yearling Radiated Tortoise. I am soooo happy! First try, he ate everything new (mixed with old diet)...
  16. JenC

    Shocked but shouldn't have been

    Have you ever smelled a cat fart???? Ugggggggh!!!!
  17. JenC

    A little Non Tortoise Plant Help Wanted.

    Au natural. I don’t know why the top part is really bulbous. Hopefully scorpions don’t explode out of it ?
  18. JenC

    A little Non Tortoise Plant Help Wanted.

    The Old Man ??
  19. JenC

    A little Non Tortoise Plant Help Wanted.

    Here, just not posting much. Gotta get back in the swing..... Here’s a pic of a neat cactus I have... Pretty funky!