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  1. StarSapphire22

    Possible flashing?

    Great photo, thank you! What I saw looks exactly like that little pink tip before the purple bulby part. Looks like I just got a little peek! Exciting to possibly have some confirmation a few years before I thought I would. :) I'll have to keep an eye out for more flashing to be sure. Do I need...
  2. StarSapphire22

    Possible flashing?

    Also, his tail looks distinctively male to me...very long, thick, curved to the side...the opening is a long slit instead of a pucker.
  3. StarSapphire22

    Possible flashing?

    So you think the organ I described was a penis? That was my first instinct, but it didn't look like pictures I'd seen...though I could tell whatever it was wasn't fully extended, just kinda peeping out. I wasn't sure if it could be a female flashing, which I seem to remember hearing about, or...
  4. StarSapphire22

    Possible flashing?

    Hello! It's been a while since I've been on slightly over two-yr-old Hermann's tortoise Littlefoot might have flashed me today. He was doing a funny little dance on his feeding tile, standing as tall as he could and his tail was wagging, almost kinda like a dog's when it's...
  5. StarSapphire22

    My Eastern Male Intro + a Question

    Studies have been done on easterns and coloring with natural vs artificial sunlight. Natural UV gave more vibrant colors, especially if the turtle is exposed while young. Older turtles showed less of an effect, but can even regain color a bit after exposure again. This is all obviously over...
  6. StarSapphire22

    box turtle questions...

    I think the box turtle hatchling care sheet here should answer most of your questions. I do an indoor worm bin, it's so easy, occasionally buy mealworms, boiled eggs, etc. I hate bugs, but they eat wiggly things best when young. I wouldn't touch worms without gloves at first, now I'm hand...
  7. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Nope nope nope nope. Only thing I hate more than spiders is centipedes.
  8. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Prepping Littlefoots tank for our move (starting actual moving tomorrow, animals first to move) found a giant cobweb in the top back corner where you normally can't see because of the hood...had 2 huge spiders and a bunch of babies. EEEEEEEK....!!!
  9. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Not to mention the spraying and other "in heat" behaviors. I usually wait until 1yr to fix an animal, unless behaviors are making our lives unbearable.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

  11. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

  12. StarSapphire22

    New gulfie

    Such a cutie! I'm curious to see how he'll turn out as well! Was he temperature sexed or anything? I'd love to see pics of the adults in the group he's from... *ahem mystery member* haha
  13. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Any advice for moving a tortoise and 5 box turtles, and minimizing stress? We are only moving about a mile away, so I'm not worried about the car ride or anything. Littlefoots enclosure is a 75 gallon tank + stand, and is ridiculously heavy. We'll need to completely take it down. That's ok...
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

  15. StarSapphire22

    Sophia and Salvador are proud to present...

    Some nice orange on it already, so cute!
  16. StarSapphire22

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Doing well. All are eating now. Echo is a little piggy. Sprout is still a reluctant eater. Everyone else is more "normal", though Luna seems to enjoy torturing and mutilating the poor worms before eating them. >.> I post updates on my IG now and then.
  17. StarSapphire22

    Custom Pet Tort Painting Sign up :)

    No worries! I know the feeling! :)
  18. StarSapphire22

    New to the forum - Hello! and Help? (with New Jersey laws)

    Second on recommending @HermanniChris!
  19. StarSapphire22

    Chips in shell!!??

    Just a note that coconut oil is preferred over olive.