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  1. Utah Lynn

    Advice needed (does my tortoise need a friend?)

    They definitely don't need friends. Male + Male = Fight. Male + Female = Fight If you want to keep 2 of them, keep them separated.
  2. Utah Lynn

    Russian Shell Issue (with pics)

    Hi Jenni. Russians do not require a moist substrate. They originate in arid countries. All they need is drinking water and an occasional soak to keep hydrated.
  3. Utah Lynn

    Hello Tortoise Forum!!!

    Welcome, Biffard. I'm near Ogden and have chosen Russians. They do very well.
  4. Utah Lynn

    What are other websites that are like turtle forum

    If you want a site that has lot's of people that PARTICIPATE, this is the only one that I have found.
  5. Utah Lynn

    Repti glo bvb?

    That is fine, for a desert Tortoise.
  6. Utah Lynn

    Inactive Russisn

    Hi Adamkenn. Welcome to TFO. I'm not an expert, having had my 2 Russians for just over a year, but as near as I can tell this is "Normal" procedure for them. BTW, mine are both adults. Good Luck.
  7. Utah Lynn

    Anyone Know This Flower?

    Calendula (Pot Marigold) ?>?
  8. Utah Lynn


    TFO member, GBTortoise.
  9. Utah Lynn

    New to pretty much everything here

    You don't want or need a night light. They need dark time also. Unless your night time temps get below 60 deg., don't worry about heat. That's a nice looking Russian (Steppe).
  10. Utah Lynn

    Horsefield tortoise eating less

    RE: Horsefield tortoise easting less He's fine; just being "normal". Just stick to your normal routine.
  11. Utah Lynn

    Can you soak too long?

    Hi Laurie. My adult male is doing the same thing. I have to assume that this is normal for this time of year.
  12. Utah Lynn

    update on lost sulcata

    and they say Tortoises are slow. :cool:
  13. Utah Lynn

    RT Health

    S/he looks pretty good to me.
  14. Utah Lynn

    Retired TFO Members

    I'm a retired Civil Servant since '06 w/ 41 yrs. :D
  15. Utah Lynn

    An 8 inch Russian

    Here is a pic of my girl, Lola. Approximately 14 years. ;)
  16. Utah Lynn

    Winter blues?

    Mine do the same thing. Normal for this time of year.
  17. Utah Lynn

    New to this! Does he look healthy to you? :)

    Welcome, Courtney. I think Sherman looks fine; however, by the looks of the bottom view, you have got a female tank there. Short, stubby tail. :cool:
  18. Utah Lynn

    vivarium inclosure help.

    Welcome, Knives.... I'm not familiar with Box Turtles, so I'm of no help. Some with knowledge will be here to advise you on your setup.
  19. Utah Lynn


    It looks like the "normal" wear and tear of a WC (wild caught) to me; otherwise, it's a nice looking Steppe.:cool: