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  1. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise

    Hatching Tortoise Without the Shell

    OKAY you guys are experienced I have some questions tonight my tort weighed in at 55 grams but earlier this morning wasn't 58 O.O and his hide he sleeps in is humidity 80% I'm thinking my digital scale got screwed up when I left it near the CHE heat >< cause he did eat yesterday and today's but...
  2. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise

    New here with concerns

    Hi I am new to tortoise forum and I own a leopard babcocki 4 month old purchased from s&s exotics in houston tx 6/5/2018 It weighs around 59-60 grams what is a good weight for it and what should it's gains be per month ? I'm new to leopards and am keeping a humid enclosure indoors and soaking...