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  1. tortoiseplanet

    9 months buried underground

    9 months ago my favorite female Russian tortoise went missing. The gardener had knocked a slot between the cinderblock wall and we thought she had escaped. Just today we are moving so we are removing the enclosure walls from the ground and we found her 2ft deep buried underground. I put her in...
  2. tortoiseplanet

    Cricket & Roach Water

    I was watching a video tour of a cricket and roach breeding facility and I noticed they have flipped over bottles with a dish beneath it (water dispenser), which they use instead of water crystals. I thought that was a great idea as it’s easier and more economical than purchasing crystals. Does...
  3. tortoiseplanet

    Ca to Cholecalciferol Ratio

    Does anyone know the ratio of Ca to Cholecaliferol in Reptile supplements? Is there a specific IU per gram that should be used? (I’m trying to construct my own supplements for my tortoises).
  4. tortoiseplanet

    Seeking young Aldabra, Galap, or Radiated

    Does anyone have or know of a breeder who has any young Aldabra, Galap, or Radiated tortoises?
  5. tortoiseplanet


    Are Purslane and Mexican Primrose (flowers) tortoise-edible?
  6. tortoiseplanet

    Timothy v Orchard Grass Pellets

    Came across a seller with Timothy and Orchard grass pellets. Which should I get? Is one better than the other?
  7. tortoiseplanet

    Star with Squishy Shell

    My new 2 month old Indian Star has a soft/squishy shell. Are hatchlings supposed to be like that? Or is it an early sign of MBD?
  8. tortoiseplanet

    Leopard or Indian Star?

    I’m trading one of these for the other. I’m not going to say what I’m trading for yet until I get your feedback! What would you rather have?: This 3-3.5 year old leopard (has a split scute on the other side) Or This 2 month old Indian Star:
  9. tortoiseplanet

    RT eating dirt (and has a “black” tongue)

    I got a health question from someone on Instagram. I corrected mostly everything she was doing. She fed her Russian Tortoise salmon, peas, carrots, and mushrooms. His main enclosure has no heat or UVB (it was a basket) about 1 square foot large. I’ve informed her with the correct information and...
  10. tortoiseplanet


    Can American Orchard Tree leaves be fed to tortoises?
  11. tortoiseplanet

    Sulcata Growth

    Does a sulcata’s growth rate affect its full grown size? I know many factors affect growth rate, but if put under the same conditions will a sulcata that grows faster become larger; and vice versa? Will a sulcata that is born larger become larger?
  12. tortoiseplanet

    Medical Emergency [emoji599][emoji217]

    This person has consulted me for help. Their only words were “what should I do?”. Following this graphic image: As anyone would say I told her to take the tortoise to the vet. Her next reply: “here we dont have any tortoise veterinarian. My heart is bleeding for my mother tortoise but i cant...
  13. tortoiseplanet

    New Tortoise Pellets

    Found these cheap tortoise pellets for wholesale. I was going to get some for my torts but the ingredients question me.. What do you think?
  14. tortoiseplanet

    Bump on chameleons body

    I just adopted this Veiled Chameleon today. He seems to have a bump on his body on one side, that he doesn’t have on the other side. Anyone know what it is?
  15. tortoiseplanet

    Water Dragon Care Help

    I rescued a water dragon yesterday and I need some advice on care since I’m not yet experienced with lizards in general. What do water dragons eat, how much and how often? Do they require high humidity? The person I rescued him from said he raised him indoors without UVB because he wasn’t...
  16. tortoiseplanet

    Sulcata Ground Incubation

    Can Sulcata eggs be incubated in the ground here in Southern CA?
  17. tortoiseplanet

    Adult Sulcata Soaking

    Do adult Sulcatas have to be soaked? If so, how often?
  18. tortoiseplanet

    Bubbles on Tortoise’s Eye

    2 months ago when I got my male Russian tortoise from Florida, he had bubbles on his eye. Although, It is completely gone now. 2 days ago, I pick up my female Russian and she has the same only on one eye. Yesterday it was completely gone. Anyone know what that is? Her other eye at the time (no...
  19. tortoiseplanet

    Redfoots vs Cherryheads

    What are the differences between Redfoots and Cherryheads? This might be a stupid question but when I search up Cherryheads on google they look exactly like Redfoots to me. (I know I’m such a noob).. lol
  20. tortoiseplanet

    Plant ID’s: Safe for Feeding?

    I have a good abundance of these 3 unknown plants I my backyard. Wondering if I can feed some to my tortoises. Anyone know what they may be? Plant #1 Plant #2 Plant #3 (What kind of mint is this)?