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    breeders shipping to canada?

    Redfoots are fairly easy to come by in Canada. In fact, if you search Kijiji you will definitely find one. As another poster stated, it wouldn't be cost effective to buy one from the States and jump through the hoops that you have to, to bring one into the country.
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    Growth on side of mouth

    My first thought when I saw this was Papiloma virus, not sure if torts can get this but I am assuming so. A vet should be able to tell you for sure. There was a terrible strain of this a few years ago going around and it killed a few pups that contracted it. If you have any other torts I...
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    Update on Stars and recent pics

    DARN IT, I have to find a male now in Canada which will be a chore!!! Thanks,
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    Update on Stars and recent pics

    [email protected] you, lol. j/k :D:D, that is the reason for this post because I was having doubts as to whether I had one of each. I would have thought Rice would have 'showed himself' by now!!! Still waiting for Dan's reply :rolleyes:
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    Update on Stars and recent pics

    Hatch date Apr/08 Weight as of June 19th: Curry: 923 grams Rice: 574 Length approximately: Curry 6" Rice 4.5" to 4.75" I don't have plastorn pics at the moment but here are a couple more:
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    Update on Stars and recent pics

    I was going to update an earlier post with pics in order that people can compare the difference since I posted back in 2009 to now but that thread has been closed!! The original thread can be found here: here are the updated pics:
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    Indian Star Indoor Enclosure Questions

    My indoor enclosure is roughly 6 x 2. Two thirds of the enclosure is coconut coir and a layer of cypress mulch on top to which I add water every so often. On the remainder of the enclosure I have shavings. One of my IS prefers to bury in the shavings the other is in the otherside under some...
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    "CC" DAY 7, ( RECAP DAYS 1 THRU 6)

    They are so small and to think what size they will be, amazing!! Thanks for the post!
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    Are they boys or girls?

    They are far too young to sex.
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    If you google Reptile Expo Halifax you can find out info for the Expo. If it sounds too good to be true then it generally isn't :) I am going to pm you.
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    Hi, and welcome Jim It really is next to impossible to import torts across the border. Depending on which species of tort you are looking for will depend on whether they are available in Canada. There are very few breeders in Canada of torts but the most common species are Red Foots...
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    I'm Back From The Missing

    Welcome back, you were missed.
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    Star Tortoise

    Very nice looking Star
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    Is this a Hermann's?

    There is general no certification or paperwork given with torts purchased in Canada. I don't believe I have ever seen a Hermanns for sale in Ontario. I would ensure you advise Big Al's that they are selling Greeks and not Hermanns. Greeks are also hard to come by in Canada but not...
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    RedFoot Nerd - Question re your Stars

    Onarock, I have that book. I didn't say I agree with his conclusions, lol and because of that it is good to see pics yearly to see how they are progressing. The smaller one I was on the fence about it's sex and still kind of am. I would like to see a pic a year from now.
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    RedFoot Nerd - Question re your Stars

    Thanks Terry. It is good to see the progression of young torts and also to help in determining the sex of any future torts.
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    Natural and Wild Diet

    I thought I read somewhere that Optunia was not native to Madagascar but is an introduced plant that has taken over and native plants are having a hard time surviving? Maybe it was referring to the subspecies of Optunia??
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    Enclosure size

    I have both of mine in a 3 x 6 ft. Although 8 may fit in the dimensions you mentioned I can't imagine that many in one that size. I guess it woudl be depend if it was 7 females and one male?? I figure the more space the better for the torts well being. JMHO :)
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    My pups.

    No such thing as a long haired whippet. Seriously. There is a big controversy over them or at least there was a few years back. Walter Wheeling or Wheeler was a whippet breeder in the 80's and from what I can gather was pretty much respected in the whippet community. Walter also bred and...
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    Training help please!

    Okay if you are saying she is at daycare all day and then she comes home and gets into mischief then you need to set some boundaries. She comes home, has quiet time, maybe take her outside for 30 mins and play chuck-it just before bed come back in and she has to learn to settle down. Do you...