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  1. jonckt

    Have you seen this before?

    Indian star aldult. I'm curious is that urates or poop[emoji848] any ideas. Thanks for advice
  2. jonckt

    Indian star (Adult)

    Sorry for asking...I'm curious is this urates or poop [emoji848] never seen before
  3. jonckt

    Shell rot??

  4. jonckt

    Bali turtle island

  5. jonckt

    Sulcata in Melbourne ?

    Hi, May I know anyone from Australia ? I have a friend in Melbourne would like to raise sulcata tortoise? Could anyone indicate where can he find one?? Cheers Jc Jc
  6. jonckt

    Anyone can tell what it is???

    Hi, Today both my sulcata and radiated pass out a lot of those looks like sesame when I put them to soak in the water, I try to break one of it, it looks like egg shell but it's empty inside,.... More of less hundreds of those sesame came out from both of them??? I took few of those sesame...
  7. jonckt

    Problem with Carapace and Plastron...

    Hi, Recently found out my sulcata had problem with the carapace and plastron, may i know what causes the highlighted part and is there any ways to correct it? Besides, l so detected the gular of the sulcata is growing towards the left hand side . May i have some suggestion on correcting it...
  8. jonckt

    Indian Star (Hypo)

    Hi, I recently found these pics on a Japanese website... can anyone elaborate more on this species please.....
  9. jonckt

    The tortoise and turtles of Madagascar

    I found this book online, it was expensive though, euro 70 +7%vat+ 30euro to my place....... After further study on the description of the publisher and writer, I found out this book was published in my hometown........ Omg........ Couldn't believe it.......... Only cost me euro 30!!!!!' Jc
  10. jonckt

    Rads or mix breed?

    Hi, I saw this rads was selling in Malaysia, to me it looks like a mix breed. It's only 2 and a half inches big. Jc
  11. jonckt

    Tortoise in Vietnam?

    Hi , Anyone can indicate me where can I see some tortoise in Vietnam , Ho Chi Minh ? Jc
  12. jonckt

    Sulcata face/ear swollen

    Noticed that his left side face/ear part had swollen, I try to touch it and it's hard. He is doing fine, eat well, **** well, sleep well. Anyone came across situation similar like this before? Thank you, Jc
  13. jonckt

    Problem occurred in Tortoise Forum Apps

    Hi, Did anyone experience problem when loggin in to the tortoise forum apps on iphone. warning stated " Invalid License" (The forum is currently not available on this app. Please contact the forumadministrator.) Thank you, Jonathan
  14. jonckt

    Could u believe it??

    Is this for real??? I got this pictures from my whatsapp Hong Kong tortoise group chat. As far that I noticed is the yellowish Colour on the glove, looks like spray painting job had been done.... Would be sad for those ppl did that to a tort Jc
  15. jonckt

    New enclosure for sulcata.

    Hi, This is my friends new enclosure for single sulcata , kindly comment for improvement, Thank you , Jonathan [hr]
  16. jonckt

    Tortoise market place in Manila , Philippines .

    Hi, May I know anyone from Phillipines know that where can I see places like tortoise zoo or tortoise marketplace in Manila? I'm heading to Manila next week would like to see some torts over there, besides the national zoo, any other place where the chelonian hang out in Manila? Thank you...
  17. jonckt

    Is this normal? (swollen cloaca)

    I noticed the tail had swollen, but it does not have red Colour shows it's infection or something , is that normal? Jonathan Chung
  18. jonckt

    Terrarium for radiata tortoise

    Hi everyone, I'm designing a place for my rad indoor. Anyone feel free to share their ideas or perhaps post photos of their terrarium in this topic for me to study on it? I'm looking at around 4 to 5 feet * 2feet minimum. Reply from members are very much appreciated. Regards, Jonathan...
  19. jonckt

    My new rad....

    Some one told me to put some olive oil on the back if the torts , may I know anyone of u had done it before? Is there any advantage on doing so? Or just for cosmetic wise to makes the shell looks shining?
  20. jonckt

    Hi everyone, my name DG....