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  1. stutz

    Squirt hanging out!

    I haven't posted on here in awhile so here is a picture of squirt just hanging out with me in the living room. Usually he wants up on my lap. But starting to get to big for that.
  2. stutz

    How do you post videos?

    I tried uploading a video and it wouldn't I even lowered the size and still wouldn't.
  3. stutz

    Should I be worried about this?

    Squirt has this spot on his plastron.
  4. stutz

    Is this anything to worry about?

    Squirt has this rough spot on his plastron it's like it's dried out. Is this something to worry about.
  5. stutz

    Is this something to worry about? (small shell injury)

    I noticed this what I thought was a piece of substrate stuck on the inside of his shell so I pulled it off and it seems to have been part of his shell. There's a little groove there now and it's kind of pink at the back. I take him to the vet tomorrow to get checked. But was just wondering it...
  6. stutz

    Squirt out for a stroll

    Haven't been on here in a while so just an update on squirt. He's doubled in size since we got him a year ago. He's over 7 inches long. He's really doing good.
  7. stutz

    New pictures of Squirt

    I haven't posted on here in awhile but here's some pictures of my Burmese mountain tortoise. He or she has definitely gotten bigger since the last picture.
  8. stutz

    updated squirts enclosure

    Added some plants and a bigger hide. He likes it.
  9. stutz

    care sheet

    Since I didn't really see any thought this was pretty good.
  10. stutz

    Hello! we're new Burmese mountain tortoise owners

    Hello my wife and I just received our first Burmese Brown. Here are some pictures. It's name is Squirt and is 2 years old . We live in Ohio.
  11. stutz

    indoor enclosure

    Does this look ok ? I have topsoil underneath the fir bark for the substrate. In the one corner is a shallow water dish and the other white tray is where I put his food. I have a ceramic heat and uv bulbs. Can't seem to keep the humidity up what can I do? Thanks just getting started.
  12. stutz

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello my wife and I just got a Burmese mountain tortoise. My wife loves turtles and tortoises. If not mistaken he is 3 years old. Not sure if it's a male or female.