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  1. CapnAwes0me

    It is built!!! Thanks Tom!

    Finished the night box. Well finished the outside. Waiting for all the inside stuff. Thanks again Tom!
  2. CapnAwes0me

    New outdoor home for Sahara

    Not yet completed but the fence is up and burrow partially dug. It’s 44’ x 12’
  3. CapnAwes0me

    Sulcata outdoor housing

    Hello all! I was wondering what everyone's preference was on outdoor housing for a Sulcata? I live in Texas close to Dallas and it gets super hot and decently cold. I was considering either purchasing a shed or building a box. What is your preference? If you would choose a shed does it have to...
  4. CapnAwes0me

    Best way to introduce hay

    What's the best way to transition Sahara from green grasses to hay?
  5. CapnAwes0me

    Question for outdoor enclosure.

    After 3pm Sahara's outdoor enclosure no longer gets sun. It has direct sun from about 8am - 3pm ish. Is this a problem? I was thinking it was better because if I put it more in the light it stays really hot for a really long time. Any thoughts?
  6. CapnAwes0me

    Many thanks Tom (Sahara's new and improved outdoor enclosure)

    Thanks Tom. You sir are a wealth of knowledge and you have directly helped me more than you know. I've read as many of the topics you have posted as I could and even took into account everything you said when I posted Sahara's original outdoor enclosure. So to you sir I say thank you! Also here...
  7. CapnAwes0me

    Sahara's outside enclosure

    Hey guys, I am pretty new here but I have been reading a ton. I got a 2 year old Sulcata from a guy who wasn't going to be able to keep her anymore. Her name is Sahara! She is super awesome. He did tell me she has been in an aquarium all her life...big one however but I wanted to make her an...
  8. CapnAwes0me

    Are these ok for Sahara to eat?

    I'm not sure what this plant is but she likes to eat it and it is all over my yard. Is it safe?
  9. CapnAwes0me

    Help needed please (buy from petshop?)

    I found a Russian Tortoise at my local pet smart (Denton tx) I don't know if I should get it. I have heard it is not good to get reptiles at a chain pet store ( or any really). Any suggestions?
  10. CapnAwes0me

    Hermanns in North Texas?

    Would a a Hermann do pretty well in North Texas (30 miles north of Dallas) I notice the humidity needed and I am kind of unsure about how to regulate that well.
  11. CapnAwes0me

    I think Hermann is the best for me!

    Hello all, I am new to the forums and have been doing research on getting a tortoise for my family (myself wife 21 mo. old son dog and cat) and I believe Hermann would be the best for us! We live in a house and have a large back yard as well as a spare bedroom and large unused garage. We...
  12. CapnAwes0me

    New to the forum and possible owner

    Hey everyone, I have been doing a lot of thinking after seeing that they now sell tortoises at my local petsmart. It got me thinking about a box turtle I had as a child and adored. I now have a 21 month old son, a Boston Terrier, and a cat and very much debating on getting a tortoise...