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  1. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Oooh that’s so cute!! I will check out their website and maybe even try growing as well:cool:
  2. turtlebean

    Leaves and flowers.

    Hi all! :) I went on ebay and searched mulberry leaves and there were tons of listings on there by some excellently reviewed sellers. I think I paid like $6 for 30 of them, including shipping. I’m not sure what a good price for leaves is, but I know I don’t have a mulberry tree and figured they...
  3. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    I just went on ebay and searched mulberry leaves! There’s a ton of sellers on there with excellent reviews, so I just picked a listing and purchased! I think i’m gonna look into growing some cactus as well, it would definitely pay off in the long run!
  4. turtlebean

    Why is Mazuri so popular, I don't get it.

    This is crazy, this thread just popped up and I just ordered this bag of Mazuri for the first time last night! Lol Kim&Tim are you monitoring my internet useage??😂 I also am not sure what the hype is about because my tort hasn’t tried it yet but it seems like a lot of the people on these forums...
  5. turtlebean

    Building my first enclosure! Russian Tortoise

    That makes me so happy to hear, keep me posted on how everything goes!! :)
  6. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    These just came in this week so i’m not quite sure yet how long they’ll last. I honestly didn’t even know if I should put them in the fridge but that sounds like a good idea!
  7. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    I’m gonna keep trying to incorporate more and more healthy things into his diet! If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know, i’m super down to try them! If only Tortillini liked his weed mixes as much as he liked his cactus pads:rolleyes:
  8. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    That would be awesome my little tort and I would love that☺️☺️
  9. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Here’s a picture of the mulberry leaves and cactus pads I got off the internet
  10. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Hi all! Little update on my little bean. When I first got Tortillini I was feeding him a diet of mostly grocery store greens. The occasional tortoise pellets soaked and mixed in. Mostly escarole, chicory, some spring mix, small amount of red and green lettuce maybe some spinach, some turnip or...
  11. turtlebean

    Tortoise won’t eat

    Pictures of these all might help as well as maybe as more pics of your little one
  12. turtlebean

    Maggie's comments...

    Ugh I’m so sorry this whole situation is horrible! I hope the pain subsides and you find Knobby:confused: Please keep us posted!
  13. turtlebean

    Insane $110 worth of supply overhaul from myturtlestore

    I learned that once the hard way rip turtles
  14. turtlebean

    Just wanted to share pictures

    My dog Jeffery :) He loves attention, getting attention, and receiving attention!
  15. turtlebean

    cypress mulch.

    I have a layer of cypress on top of my coco coir and my little one still loves to burrow into it :)
  16. turtlebean

    Russian attitude

    Mine is giving me the cold shoulder right now cause he only got weeds this morning, no escarole! 🙄
  17. turtlebean

    How to help a Tort

    Wow that is just about the saddest thing I’ve seen on these forums so far. How could people be both so clueless and ignorant towards the housing of a living being?? Does anyone know what store this is, or where it is?
  18. turtlebean

    Turtle soup anyone?

    I’m late to the party but I brought some take out Tortillini!
  19. turtlebean

    My new hatchling won’t hide

    Mine does this same thing! He used his hide for the first week or so and since then he digs a little hole in the same spot everyday and sleeps there. So cute!!:)
  20. turtlebean

    Made the Dean's list got one of my dream turtle

    Congratulations on the deans list!! That is definitley quite an accomplishment and I’m excited that you also get to celebrate with a new turtle!! :)