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  1. Mfields72

    Canned/dried foods for young tortoise?

    I also ordered this I ordered A different brand a while back and I mixed it in with mazuri and mine loved it so I’m sure she will like this one too
  2. Mfields72

    Let's Talk Turtles...

    I had aquatic turtles for quite some time, I think they’re awesome however I got tired of the maintenance but I had a western painted, a pink belly side neck, a map turtle, an eastern musk and a reeves. Out of all of these I absolutely loved the reeves turtle. They are so cute and they don’t get...
  3. Mfields72

    Red or yellow footed tortoise?

    In my opinion they look nothing alike the shells are a totally different color and the yellow foots head and face are well.... yellow! Hence the name yellow foot
  4. Mfields72

    Red or yellow footed tortoise?

    Red foot, looks nothing like my yellow foot