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  1. Sleppo

    Can anyone help tell me the sex/gender of my Russian tortoise?

    Little Mountain goats! haha soooo true!
  2. Sleppo

    Can anyone help tell me the sex/gender of my Russian tortoise?

    Yes that is an adult wild caught Russian tortoise. Please check out the care information on this forum, good luck with your new gal! Russians are the little scrappy clowns of the tort world.
  3. Sleppo

    Tortoise was mid hibernation but now seems dead

    So sorry for your loss. I know it's easier said then done but don't blame yourself, sometimes things just happen without much rhyme or reason.
  4. Sleppo

    "Miniature" Leopard??

    I hope someone on the FB group can talk some sense into her, that picture is hard to look at.
  5. Sleppo

    How to stop dog marking house plant?

    In this situation it may be best to repot the plant with new soil and a new pot. I would also spray the plant down as you never know the leaves may have remnants of being marked before. Dogs noses are so sensitive so this may be the best option for you. You could also use enzymatic cleanser such...
  6. Sleppo

    Change of Substrate

    Yeah I think you are right I am not adding enough water to it, my substrate is about 6-7 inches deep my girls love to dig. I am going to try soaking it in a bucket as suggested by Maro2Bear to see if I can extend the life of what I have but I am going to ultimately make the switch. I'll be sure...
  7. Sleppo

    Change of Substrate

    Thanks for your response, given what you have said I am definitely not soaking the mulch as much as I should to keep it from getting dusty. I carefully put a liter of water where they like to dig in for the night and don't usually soak the entire table. My table isn't lined to I have to do it...
  8. Sleppo

    Change of Substrate

    Thanks for your input I appreciate it! Given your response I don't think I am adequately hydrating the cypress mulch to begin with which is probably why it is soo dry I do pretty much have my mind made up making the switch though. I'll let you know if I find anything cheaper. Thanks again!
  9. Sleppo

    Change of Substrate

    Good morning all, I am considering changing substrate for my Russians who are wintered in the house in open top tort tables. For the last 3 years I have used straight cypress mulch and I am looking for a better alternative which seems to be orchid bark. My problem with the cypress mulch is that...
  10. Sleppo

    Patch and Rusty

    Very cute!
  11. Sleppo

    New russian won't eat anything but carrots!

    We all do at first, trust me its a learning process! I initially was housing 2 Russians in a glass aquarium because the pet store person told me it was ok. Please read up on the information Tom provided it will get you going in the right direction.
  12. Sleppo

    Such A Creature Of Habit!

    Thanks for sharing this is really neat!
  13. Sleppo

    NY Newbie

    I vote Russian! They have great personalities and are very hardy.
  14. Sleppo

    What were your "beginner mistakes"?

    Housing 2 Russians together, what an expensive mistake!
  15. Sleppo

    Behavior of new arrival 6 mo old Russian

    Keep in mind babies are easy prey in the wild, it's normal for them to hide a lot while they are little. As long as they are being soaked frequently, eating, and pooping all should be ok.
  16. Sleppo

    How do I make a tortoise poop?

    I can vouch for the car ride!
  17. Sleppo

    Found Sulcata - Immediate Care Advice, please :)

    Thanks for caring for him, that's so random!
  18. Sleppo

    3 level Tort complex

    Curious to see how it turns out, I need to upgrade mine and am looking for ideas. Good luck!
  19. Sleppo

    New (to us) Russian

    Yes please be open to the advice on this site you won't find better information anywhere else. Ultimately you are in charge of the care of your tortoise no one else, just know when you post here you will get advice/comments it's what we do. If anything please be kind we all have the same passion...
  20. Sleppo

    Socialize with my tortoise

    Hi - Russians are a bit testy by nature, I hand feed the occasional treat and one will tolerate me the other just gives me the stink eye and scurries away as fast as she can. May I suggest you swap out the ramp bowl for a regular old clay pot saucer, the ramps can be a tipping hazard. Good luck!