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  1. Boe

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Boy or girl?
  2. Boe

    This is Boe!

  3. Boe

    This is Boe!

    Loves to burrow underneath
  4. Boe

    This is Boe!

    Boe doing fine.
  5. Boe

    This is Boe!

    Do you think Boe grew?
  6. Boe

    This is Boe!

    Thank you... full of personality!!!
  7. Boe

    Experiment to help non-members ask questions

    There are many places for research. I was under the assumption your heart and passion is to educate for tortoises wellbeing because you care as I do. Gratitude is worth far more than money. Not quiet the reply or detail answer I was looking for anyways. I already got the advise from a vet...
  8. Boe

    This is Boe!

  9. Boe

    11 week explorer

    11 week explorer