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    Tallis isn't eating.

    The past couple of days Tallis hasn't been eating. She's spent the last couple of weeks (off and on) in the outdoor enclosure enjoying the good weather. One day, when the weather turned cold I couldn't find Tallis, and assumed she dug under as she does if the weather changes a bit - It's not...
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    [VIDEO] Buddies :) MUST SEE! brings a smile to my face

    the way the tort followed the other once it had been righted, and their relative sizes makes me think HE was just righting HER so he could get some :D
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    Just adopted 3 very sick baby desert tortoises. Need help!

    Hi - I followed this thread with interest when it was active and was just wondering, how are they now jmu114?
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    colinsmum - I have two hermann's the same age and they have played this trick on me a few times! Recently, Mini went under for a whole winter ( I put him out the last suuny day in November - apparently not sunny enough!) and reappeared 4 months later! I do get the odd day where they decide to...
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    I put Tallis and Mini (Hermann's) in their bath and went to do some work (didn't leave the room). I could hear them having a wade and a scrape as they always do, and when I came to take them out 15mins later I found Mini on her back, but his head wasn't in the water, the top half of her was...
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    Uh oh--New guy!

    is it just me, or does he need a beak trim?
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    I was just wondering...

    Does anyone have a picture of what an adult THB should look like? I've seen a few adults both with and without lumpy scutes - is this expected to an extent? Or is it entirely pyramiding?
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    UK tortoise care??

    didn't know that, thanks!
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    UK tortoise care??

    I did message you dan, but didn't get a response. I ended up going to a vet approved reptile centre that gave me some ointment (I googled it before I used it), but there were some very sad tortoises in there :( I won't be going again
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    UK tortoise care??

    Hi, I posted this here in the hopes of getting more response. I posted here about how my Hermann came out of hibernation with a slightly poorly looking eye. Since then, Mini has been absolutely fine; eating, drinking and enjoying...
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    pictures! and possible pyramiding?

    Thanks for the input guys, I will cross the gender bridge when i come to it. Rather excited by my first picture heavy thread! Mini and Tallis are now officially cyber torts!
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    pictures! and possible pyramiding?

    I absolutely hate the idea of rehoming one of them but I was never looking into torts for breeding and at any rate it wouldn't be fair on Tallis. Gutted :(
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    pictures! and possible pyramiding?

    oh no! I had my suspicions about that as Mini is a smaller. Damndamndamn it means I will have to look into rehoming one of them in the future; they're not quite 2 yet so not any time soon but still :'( Out of interest, how do you tell Dan? Also, how common are extra scutes? Thanks for the...
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    pictures! and possible pyramiding?

    Hi, I was hoping for an opinion on a few shots of my THB's, in particular the smaller one mini who I'm worried might be starting to pyramid. she has always had a slightly 'pinched' look about the front, but i put that down to the extra scute she has on her front left side. now one of her central...
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    NEW DIAGRAMS-T. h. boetteri vs. T. h. hercegovinensis vs. T. h. hermanni discussion t

    RE: NEW DIAGRAMS-T. h. boetteri vs. T. h. hercegovinensis vs. T. h. hermanni hi chris, I know this thread is long dead but I was looking at your pictures and was wondering (forgive me, I'm in an inquisitive mood today) about the THH on the carapacial markings picture and his abnormal scute -...
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    Just ordered 2 Hermann's... looking for help

    Glen I think mine took a while to 'go loo' as well, but warm (body temp-ish, or below) shallow baths help I find. On spring days mine don't tolerate cloudy weather too well as it is so chilly and become cold quickly, so will dig a little or find a corner to cuddle up in. They also took a while...
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    Just some pictures. (picture heavy sorry)

    I wish people would stop apologising for picture heavy threads, when I'm on this board its what I looks for! Yhey are lovely
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    T. hermanni hermanni In The Sun

    I have 2 THB's but the more I see them the more I want THH's! stunning! Are they fully grown? Also, just a passing query, I noticed with your torts that some of them seem to be grazing on the grass, but my THB's don't digest it very well and rarely try to eat it - do yours digest it? Is this a...
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    Just ordered 2 Hermann's... looking for help

    Hi Glen I'm also a UK tortoise keeper- I got mine from the tortoise shop too and they were really helpful and full of advice when I'd only had Tallis for a few weeks and she dug down in the outdoor enclosure for a few days in the middle of summer (I had no idea they did that, we've sorted out...
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    Curly Kale?

    I have never intentionally given my torts a yummy little invertebrate, but by the same stroke once they've taken that first bite there is simply no way of stopping them from eating it! Tallis once ate an earthworm twice her length (she was about a year at the time so pretty tiny) purely because...