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    So California Los Angeles Tort Lovers

    I'm from So Cal as well.
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    Is this safe?

    Thanks for the replies. I have been pulling them out. But it seems as soon as I pull one out, more pop up. So frustrating.
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    Is this safe?

    I planted several different seeds (crimson clover, grazing tortoise seed mix, bermuda grass and clover with chicory) in my tortoises' outdoor enclosures. I was excited to see things growing really well. And then this week I noticed these mushrooms growing. Are these safe for the tortoises...
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    Tis' The Evening ..........

    What a wonderful surprise.
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    Amazing and beautiful!
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    Egg Hatched! Baby PICS!!! :)

    Love it. Would love to see updated pics. Congrats!
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    Daisy's Totoise Garden -- In Progress!!

    Beautiful. Seems very calming for everyone.
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    A little update and pics!

    Love the green beard.
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    Adopted an Old Man

    Congrats. Very cool to see the old ones. Thanks for sharing.
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    My new Greek!

    Congrats! Enjoy.
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    Waterfall losing water

    It seemed like I was always filling the waterfall in my red foots enclosure and I couldn't figure out why it was always so low. Then I found the reason why. turbo likes to hang out at it and drink the water. She stands with her little legs over the bottom of it and just drinks away. Too...
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    Brand New Grandpa....again

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    Does anyone own a macaw?

    I own a blue and gold macaw. I may be able to help with questions.
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    February birthdays

    WOW! Wish I could say I would be 25 on the 25th (my birthday) but in reality, I will be doubling your age. :shy: Now that is getting old! Happy Birthday to all the February people.:)
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    :tort:I would like to thank everyone for all the valuable information I have and will receive on this great site. A big thank you to Josh for seeing a need for this type of forum and a really big THANK YOU to the person wearing the TFO shirt at the reptile show I went to. Had my husband not...
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    PBS show on tonight in So California on CDT

    Thanks Lisa, I have my timer set to record. I look forward to seeing it. Cindy
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    Update on Turbo's "runny eye"

    First of all, thank you to all that gave the wonderful suggestions. Turbo's eye looks so much better. We have been working hard to improve her enclosure. A heat rope and thermostat has been ordered and should have it by Friday. Working hard to keep humidity up and heat temps up. A waterfall...
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    Help! New Redfoot with runny eye

    We are looking to add more plants. I had thought about silk plants, but am a little afraid she will try to eat them. Reason being, we have a background scene attached to the outside and she was trying to "eat" the grass that was on the scene. She was "digging and biting" at the scene. We...
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    Help! New Redfoot with runny eye

    Here are a few pictures. Sorry it has taken awhile to post, been trying to figure out photobucket. So hopefully this will work. These pics were taken this morning. He have changed her hide to a 1/2 log (seems much happier with it) and added alot of moisture as well as several temp and hydro...