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    We need a "no holds barred" section

    I welcome a mod-less area. I will not participate in this forum while good members (sometimes behaving badly) are censored. There is a wealth of info here and valuable members none of which needs their comments edited. If the mods here disagree with freedom of speech I offer my help in setting...
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    What is a good laptop/notebook for graphic design?

    MacBook Pro is the only way to go.
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    Maximum temp for leopard hatchlings

    Very glad you posted this. I've been wondering others opinions on this. I know a local breeder that I got one of my hatchlings from put her yearlings outside full-time. Hopefully Christy (TortieLuver) will chime in too -- she's down in Tucson and breeds sulcatas and leopards. I know she keeps...
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    Just a cute pic of Dayo walking threw the fog

    Cute. My lil leos enjoyed their fogger too .. but now they're outside enjoying the AZ 'dry heat'
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    tortoise passed last night :(

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Oh My Gosh!

    Yeah, babies! How fun :)
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    My new Humphrey

    Humphrey is a handsome fellow! Very nice. How about a pic of Humphrey and Lucy together? Have you introduced them yet??
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    Finally buying a leo-- but which one to get?

    Save yourself the trouble of a future purchase ... get both!
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    hawaiians invade new jersey

    Very cool. Do they have jet lag?
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    One month old!

    Happy birthday shorty!
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    Hi, from Louisiana!

    Hello and welcome. I have family in Lafayette!
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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    My sulcata *loves* strawberries. Of course, they're not supposed to get much (if any) fruit. But, hey, a bite won't hurt :) I haven't offered any fruit to my hatchlings. A nice red hibiscus blossom would be a good way to celebrate too -- and much healthier.
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    Convincing Parents to get me a Leopard

    I believe optunia can be fed more regularly. I know many people feed their torts optunia several times per week. Yes, daily soaks are good. You're doing a great job asking all the right questions first. Im sure you'll be a great leopard keeper!
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    New Outdooor Enclosure & Grazing Box

    Looks very nice! I love your grazing box idea. Please share your secret to keeping your grass so green in the Phoenix summer? What's your watering schedule? Is it shaded part of the day?
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    This is my first time on the forum

    Welcome! If you don't mind... where do you live? How old is Herbie?
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    Shell Rot proof pics

    Very nice job. Amazing results for such a short period of time. Good for you for catching it and treating it.
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    My leopard family

    Very nice family. What type of food do you put out for the babies? It looks like they have plenty of grass & weeds to munch on in their enclosure.
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    California Dreamin

    Awesome pictures. Sorry to hear about you're tickets!
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello & welcome!