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  1. TeamZissou

    Tortoise ID

    This is an eastern Hermann’s
  2. TeamZissou

    Are my tortoises eastern or western Hermann’s?

    These are Eastern Hermann's
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    Hello! Help needed

    Looking good!
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    Hello! Help needed

    Great video, this has to be it. I hope the OP tries this!
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    Hello! Help needed

    Sweet throwback pic! I love it. Regarding hybrids, it's possible but would be difficult to tell. This looks like a pure Moroccan to me aside from the coloration. It sure doesn't seem to be bothering him.
  6. TeamZissou

    Hello! Help needed

    I doubt it. The link below has photos of similarly aged Moroccan Greeks also in the UK. The coloration on the carapace usually has more of a mix of the tan/yellow and black/brown like what is seen on the plastron. The gray spots near the middle of the carapace are likely from where he's squeezed...
  7. TeamZissou

    Eggs or no eggs?

    I would say A is female and B is male.
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    Hello! Help needed

    This appears to be a Moroccan Greek, Testudo graeca marokkensis based on shell shape, head and other features. The shell is nearly black which is unusual, usually there is at least some yellow. Is it possibly painted or just very weathered?
  9. TeamZissou

    Is this a hermann?

    Yes this is definitely a male Hermann's.
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    Tortoise mouth has black spot

    It looks like some sort of open wound or other injury. Could possibly be a burn as well. Do you have anything in the enclosure that the tortoise could get such a burn? The area around it also looks swollen. I would try to clean it and watch it closely to see if the swelling increases, and...
  11. TeamZissou

    Is it safe to let small tortoises burrow below tree roots?

    You have Western Hermann's tortoises for sure. Great looking tortoise!
  12. TeamZissou

    Help, Tortoise randomly stumbled into my house.

    This is actually a mud turtle, not a box turtle or tortoise. It looks like it could be a Mexican mud turtle, kinsternon integrum, @Markw84 is great at mud turtles and will probably correct me. It likely came from a nearby pond. I would search around and return it to the water.
  13. TeamZissou

    Cockroaches in outdoor enclosure eating all the food

    I definitely get why they like the enclosure and food source. I've been hosing it down morning and evening to keep the humidity up and the plants alive. The testudo mix patch grew well and covered the entire enclosure, except for tortoise paths, and did well all summer. It didn't seem get...
  14. TeamZissou

    Cockroaches in outdoor enclosure eating all the food

    Here is a photo I took last night in the dark. They are eating some old mazuri. I’m not sure if the smaller ones are just immature orientalis or are lateralis. The largest dark roach near the top of the pic is more typical of what I usually see.
  15. TeamZissou

    Cockroaches in outdoor enclosure eating all the food

    All summer, my Greek tortoise has been living it up in a large outdoor enclosure densely planted with TortoiseSupply broadleaf testudo mix. Over the past few weeks I've noticed the food disappearing at a faster rate, an figured he was eating it and even planted more at one point. Well, I went...
  16. TeamZissou

    Dalmatian, eastern or hybrid?

    Looks like an Eastern to me. The lighting of the photo of the leg area isn't good enough to tell clearly, but it looks like the inguinal scute is there. Here's a post with a photo I took of my Greek tortoise that has the inguinal scute. In Dalmatians the abdominal scute blends all the way back...
  17. TeamZissou

    Looking for Western Hermanns hatchlings

    I do not unfortunately. Would like to get some Hermann's some day if I were to have the room. Gary is probably your best bet, GBTortoises at gmail is his email I believe. From what I've seen he starts them properly and always has the most reasonable prices. I want to say that he has Tuscan...
  18. TeamZissou

    Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Tortoise?

    This looks like a Moroccan Greek to me, Testudo graeca marokkensis. It doesn't look like any of the soussensis pictures that I've seen. As for the lack of spurs, I'm not sure. Supposedly there was some crossover in some areas so that may have led to it or be caused for some other reason. Some...
  19. TeamZissou

    Tortoise identification

    Yup, definitely a Hermann's based on the solid black bands on the plastron. Beautiful specimen Here's a range map. there ares with isolated populations in Spain, as shown in green. is usually a good resource for different locales of Hermann's, but they do not have a write...
  20. TeamZissou

    Tortoise identification

    This appears to be a young western Hermann's tortoise. Do you have any other photos? Can you take a photo of it's plastron (bottom shell)? There are some populations along the east coast of Spain along the coast, up to near the French border, but they are fairly rare. Where is your house...