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    For all that use or are considering using them, I found an expensive source for 150 and 250 watt ones. It is They carry other products I find useful also.
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    Gas leak

    :p Tom, what do you suggest as training aids for kids ? Does a martingale work or a choke chain ?:D
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    hanging tortoises greens

    That is a good idea. In the summer enclosure my torts will reach up and eat leaves of grapes, hibiscus, daylilies (last two planted outside walls). By mid summer there is definite browse line whereupon they will ride the plant down to eat. This a natural behavior and as such should be...
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    Can you I.D. this Florida lizard?

    Some type of Ameiva or jungle runner ?
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    How often is Parvovirus shots given?

    That is exactly how I would have handled it.
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    How often is Parvovirus shots given?

    By direct contact I mean not only dog to dog contact but also feces, vomit and other bodily effluents. This my arguments against dog parks and advocacy for cleaning up after your dog (poop bags).
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    How often is Parvovirus shots given?

    If in doubt by all means get your dog a shot. We once had experience with this in a stud we got from another breeder while in quarantine ( this was the kiss of death for that breeder). Luckily though we lost dog, it was in quarantine, all our dogs were vaccinated, and quarantine walkout was in...
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    How often is Parvovirus shots given?

    Check with your vets shot records. The program we used when breeding dogs was three shots between 6 and 16 weeks given every three weeks. In adults a shot at one year after final puppy shot. Booster every three to four years. Don't worry about it unless your dog had direct contact with neighbors...
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    Is Viva a red or yellow foot?

    Redfoot. The redfoot's nose scale is solid whereas the yellowfoots is fragmented.
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    Tiny red bugs on flavo carapace???

    I think you have a good point there. Kind of like cowbirds and cattle.
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    Hello from Iowa!

    Welcome fellow Hawkeye.
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    Tiny red bugs on flavo carapace???

    They look to me like plant mites.
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    Ok to plant opuntia in enclosure

    Jacqui is right. Cactus + tortoise= 0 cactus. I would suggest putting a tort proof barrier around cactus and let tort have pads that overhang .
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    I want a dog

    Check out for shelters in your area for cat friendly dogs. There many dogs that get on well with dogs (right now my dachshund is curled with her foster cat son).
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    Help me identify this male

    I believe you do indeed have a Gulf Coast.
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    False map turtle company

    Common musk turtle would probably work. They stay small enough not to bother koi and should be winter hardy in the same area as a false map. I ould question the introduction of sliders or painted as they could be hard on plants and koi.
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    Different types of cacti pads

    All cactus are eatable. When I say this I am referring to all of New World origin ( some plants called cactus are not cactus).
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    Crest King and his harem.

    When visiting in-laws in Pompano Beach I loved watching the nightly visits of the house geckos (never seemed to be much bug problem in house). Funny thing I saw one day was a gentleman jumping around crazily on beach walk trying avoid attack from " vicious" anoles. My question was if afraid of...
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    Cat HELP!! Stroke?

    That's a good combination, I use that and they avoid it until smell is gone.
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    Crest King and his harem.

    The King His Consorts Future consort the rescue